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Take Good Care of Your Body

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Remember my post regarding taking good care of your body as well as your future? Well, you may recall the details and some sort of advice on how you’re going to do it by reading it here. Being busy is not an excuse, we should always make time to put an extra effort on making our body healthy. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. That’s one of the best things to do that would give a healthy benefit to our body and lifestyle.

The Fashionista

For the fashion forward women of today, being responsible and fit is important. You cannot rock an outfit if you start gaining weight. If you tend to gets bloated while on the pill, it is best to try Liza (Drospirenone 3mg + Ethinylestradiol 30mcg). This is actually one of the newer types of pills, the fourth generation. It was developed so as not to cause water retention leading to bloating, very ideal for the modern woman who wants look svelte and sleek. This is one way of being responsible while staying in shape. As an added bonus, Liza can also reduce oily skin and hair, leading to clear skin and healthier complexion. This truly is a pill for the modern women.

The Career Women

For women on the go having their monthly menses is not a welcome occurrence. This would bring about menstrual cramps and headaches. At times she may have a hard time concentrating; in addition, she feels lethargic, depressed and irritable causing difficulty in handling situations in the office, or even managing personal relationships. These may be symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). And if this is not enough, some women have PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) – this is PMS ten times over! Fortunately, Lizelle (Drospirenone 3mg + Ethinylestradiol 20mcg) is an effective pill for women with PMS. This is a God-send for women working around the clock, managing their careers in the morning and handling their families in the evening. They cannot afford to be bogged down. It is best to work with your ObGyn; think of him/her as your business partner that would enable you to grow to your fullest potential.

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