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Rediscover the Good Life at the Newly Revitalized Shopwise Manila

Indeed, who can say no when it is time for grocery? Well, it is the time to replenish everything that already quite empty and look for something new. Grocery stores are part of our daily lives and whether you admit it or not, we love those push carts which is part of our childhood and those seems-like-never-ending-getting-of-snacks-and-junk foods moments. Hmmm… absolutely a good life!

Earlier today, I have experienced a new world of shopping and rediscovered the good life at the newly restored Shopwise Manila located in Harrison Plaza Mall, Malate, Manila.

The new and redesigned Shopwise Manila introduces a whole new world of shopping experience for everyone, especially Manileños, who love to shop. It was restructured based on the needs of the modern Filipinos. Now, Shopwise Manila caters almost everything! It is a one stop-shop that caters a fun and invigorating environment so that shopping is an easy-peasy errand for the whole family or even to those busy individuals wherever our “world” is.

Ladies and gentlemen, we may now indulge in sleek and modern style at the Sports and Leisure World where we can find the best casual wear for men and women and even kids, and of course, with your favorites sporting gears and toys. Boy, bicycles are on sale – promotion price starts at P1,699 so better visit Shopwise Manila the soonest possible. Christmas is fast approaching and I know some of you wanted to buy new appliances to be gifted to Mom, Dad, Grandma and Granddad, or most likely – a gift to your hardworking self, there’s an Electronics World where you can spruce up your household entertainment and other home essentials.

In addition, a Health and Beauty World is also present. A section for all health and beauty needs such as hair care, body lotion, general hygiene and healthcare products. Though, I am one lucky shopper to know that Pond’s Age Miracle Cream and Olay Day/Night Cream are in promo with almost 50% off savings. For babies, finest baby milk, diapers, baby care, clothes and accessories are available in the Baby World.

Truly, Shopwise Manila has everything for the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ of every human being. And here’s the exciting part where everyone despite of differences unite – the Grocery World! The grocery is stockpiles with your favorite canned goods, noodles, condiments, snacks, beverages, chocolates, candies, breads and cookies. While the wide selection of wines, beers, and other alcoholic drinks are available at the Wine and Liquor World.

More so, you don’t have to go the traditional market which is wet, hot, a bit crowded and does not smell nice because Shopwise Manila has also a Frozen Food Section where you can meat and fish are stocked fresh. Hotdogs, bacons, native deli, nuggets, fries, hams, cold cuts from different merchants are 100% available.

I know that would be a lot of shopping spree and I would understand if you end up hungry and a bit tired. Don’t fret because you and your love ones can now enjoy indulging in their favorite culinary delights. There’s already a Snack World! Hooray! Have a taste of Mongolian Stir Fry and other Asian staples at the Deli Café, the freshest goodies at the Fresh Bar or get the hottest home-made delicious pizza at the Pizza Yolo. Now, grocery time is even more exciting and rewarding!

Happy Shopping!

Shopwise Manila
G/F Harrison Plaza Mall
A. Mabini Avenue, Malate, Manila

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