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SU CASA Taco & Tequila Bar - Kapitolyo, Pasig City

SU CASA Taco and Tequila Bar

Waking up in a not-so-well condition calls for a comfort food. And having a friend and a boyfriend who spoils me a lot, I am such a lucky gal! Thus, a spontaneous food trip in Kapitolyo, Pasig City happened. Yehey! Thank you, guys!

We’re not craving for something in particular that’s why we just opted for anything that comes out first when we googled a dessert havens and hole-in-the-wall restaurants that can be found in Kapitolyo. Right there and then, we headed to our destination – SU CASA Taco and Tequila Bar. It is a restaurant that offers authentic Mexican fare.

It was already dinner when we went there and the ambiance made me feel that I was in Mexico. Yeah, interior is very Mexican, having those banderitas hanging in the ceiling and some Mexican arts and crafts displayed inside. It was a relaxing night perfect for quick catch up with friends and late night chit chat sessions with a serene environment. Can I say, tequila please?! Sadly, we were not in a perfect condition to have some alcoholic intake. Well, there is always a room for next time and something to look forward for the next visit.

So, say 'Ole' to these sumptuous and flavorful Mexican foods with strong spices. Of course, it should be taco, quesadilla and burrito!

We ordered almost everything from their best sellers! We had Quesadilla Barbacoa, Taco Barbacoa, Burrito Barbacoa, Flat Bread Pizza and Horchata. Well, all their best sellers have ‘Barbacoa’ so might as well try them all. I love everything, it’s delicious and servings were good for sharing. It’s really a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you must try when in Pasig City. Plus, it is way too affordable compared to other restaurants that offer same thing. I’m not sure though if they accept credit card but make sure that cash is handy if needed. There's also a 10% service charge.

 Burrito Barbacoa | Php 190

 Taco Barbacoa | Php 190

 Horchata | Php 50

 Taco Barbacoa | Php 190

 Flat Bread Pizza | Php 260

Quesadilla Barbacoa | Php 190

the happy diners!

Forget about the diet just exercise. Happy eating!

SU CASA Taco and Tequila Bar
16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: +63 926 634 9121

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