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Live life to the fullest. – that’s one of the mantras that I live by as I go on with my journey that we call, life. For sure, many of you would agree that we really should live our life to the fullest - savor the moment, enjoy the day-to-day pleasure, appreciate small things and have a taste of almost everything! More so, traveling would lead you to taste the culture and when I say taste the culture, it is more of tasting what a certain location or place has to offer. The native delicacy, exploring and discovering the food of the locals. Thus, booking a hotel accommodation in Cebu, for example, that includes breakfast is a plus for me. Simply because, it already gives me a glimpse of what I should look forward as I go on exploring the vicinity

Welcome to Cebu! // Lapu-lapu Shrine
Oh… having danggit paired with garlic rice for breakfast is heaven; Cebu lechonor most commonly known as Cebuchonfor lunch is something to look forward to after visiting the historic destinations in the city such as the Magellan’s cross, the century old churches, the stunning view at TOPS, among others; and munching on some dried mangoes for afternoon snack is superb! Oh, how I miss you, Cebu! Come at night, enjoy the sparkling scenic view of the city through Sky Adventure.

Yes, when traveling, it is a positive attribute that we also interested to immense ourselves on one’s culture. Act like a local, eat like a local and live like a local. There’s nothing to worry though because most people that we meet along the way are friendly and kind. Meanwhile, here’s are the must-try foods when going to Cebu, kindly read on and indulge yourself. I warn you though that this post might make you want to go to Cebu the soonest possible. By the way, I’ll be there in January so I’m hoping to see you there and let’s do food tripping.

Lechon Cebu

Handaan or gatherings in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without lechon. Lechon is a young pig stuffed with a secret mix of spices and herbs, skewered on a bamboo pole and roasted whole over hot coals.


Whenever friends or love ones are in Cebu, what I always tell them to bring is danggit! And Cebu is known for this dish! It is a salted, sun-dried rabbitfish which are abundant and native to the island’s lower waters. The fish is split open, cleaned, salted, and spread out on drying racks under the sun. It is best to consume during breakfast paired with garlic rice, egg, and atsara or with a vinegar and chili dip on the side.

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It is a raw, cubed fish in a vinegar-based dressing with garnishes of garlic, onions, ginger and chili that is usually eaten as an appetizer. Kinilaw sa Tanigue, a local mackerel, is one of the known kinilaws due to its freshness.


Bam-i is a stir-friend Cebuano noodle dish that used both eggs and bean thread noodles. It is rich and filling with its base of noodles plus 10 or more ingredients comprising meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, herbs and a local mushroom called tengang daga (rat’s ear) because of how it looks like.

Budbud Pilit

What’s for an afternoon snack? Try out Budbud, a rice cake snack or dessert wrapped in banana leaves. Pilit means “to stick” which refers to the variety of glutinous rice that used in Budbud Pilit. It is composed of rice cake, coconut milk, sugar and salt, and cooked over low heat before being wrapped in banana leaves on which leaves a distinct aroma to the dish after steaming.

So, what are you going to try first? I’m excited to know and tell how’s the experience. See yah!


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