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Caleruega: Close to Nature; Closer to God

No definite plan yet but Caleruega is on my bucket list since forever. So, right after we checked out at Oyster Forest Life Resort in Tagaytay and had our lunch, I decided that we should go to Caleruega since it is just 30 minutes away from Tagaytay proper. And that’s one of my many spontaneous travels that I treasure. The joy it brings is unexplainable.  

Caleruega got its name from the small town in Castile-Leon, Spain – the birthplace of St. Dominic de Guzman, father of the Order of Preachers. To honor the legacy of their founder, the Filipino Dominicans named the retreat place after his name. And that’s explain why the structures were Spanish-like.

Caleruega is popular for pre-nuptial and wedding venue because of its beautifully structured chapel of Transfiguration. Just right after the signage of “Welcome to Nasugbu” you’ll find a not-so-hidden sanctuary that will give everyone an inner joy, love, reflect, meditate and appreciate every single details of their being. It is also a retreat center and nature park that connotes serenity and peace. 

Going here is a breath of fresh air as you may find inner peace and it seems like it is sending a message that everything will be fine. Of course, you’re much closer with God and the feeling is absolutely amazing. I just wish we had longer time to just sit down and explore the place not in a hurry. But nevertheless, every second is worth embracing God’s love.

Caleruega has a beautiful landscape and park where you can immense in the beauty of nature. The surrounding is quiet and laid back - perfect for those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

weddings and bridal cars - your usual view in Caleruega!

love hanging out here though this specific venue is dedicated for retreat.

Mt. Batulao from afar!

refreshing view - so close to nature!

rough road on our way to Transfiguration chapel

sightings along the way

The Cenaculum

Transfiguration Chapel!

one of the many things you'll see at Caleruega

... and yes, there's a Koi Pond! 

the hanging bridge 

bridal car <3 <3 <3

yeah, grab the opportunity for an outfit photo - H&M top, Baby-G watch, Ipanema flats, shorts gift from a friend, long grey cardigan from Taytay Market, Aldo tote bag.

Brgy. Caylaway, Batulao
Nasugbu, Batangas
Contact No.: +639218304226

Entrance Fee: Php 30
Open Mondays thru Sundays; 8AM-5PM

Mass Schedule:
Every Sunday at 11:00AM at the Transfiguration Chapel

- - -
Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn.
Have a great day!
Xoxo, Aylin

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