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LaBoracay with Jungle Circuit Party

Labor Day is approaching and what could have been a better way to celebrate Labor Day?  Of course, to indulge on a beautiful island, enjoy life, booze & music and party until dawn. It is a once a year mantra of #workhardandpartyharder, right? And this upcoming long weekend, party with people who organize the best and awesome parties in the country - Jungle Circuit Party!

Jungle Circuit Party is the biggest circuit party in the Philippines, and the #1 beach circuit party in Asia. During the 2016 Labor Day fesEviEes in Boracay, Jungle Circuit Party became the most successful beach party in Asia with party-goers passing the 19,000 headcount.

This year, it will be bigger and more exciting – 2 parties in the beach with the hottest and coolest DJs!

"Neon Black Light - Paint Party" – April 28, 2017

DJ Mango

Country: Taiwan

Club Residency: App Club, Chongqing, China

Mango, a new DJ who originated from Taipei, has been sharing his remixes on the internet since 2015. His creations are loved by other music enthusiasts and are widely circulated on social networks immediately after he uploads them. Following his success as an internet phenomenon, Mango started a new journey in his life and started to perform his music at night clubs.

DJ Toy Armada

Billboard #1 Remixer/Producer, DJ & 2016 Just Circuit awardee for “Dance Track of the Year”.
Toy has molded the musical landscape of the clubbing scene since 2003 with his thunderous tribal beats and soaring vocal anthems all thanks to a firm residency with the now defunct yet forever legendary BED Manila!

Aside from numerous gigs around Asia and the U.S., he has earned a spot at Jeffrey Sanker's highly successful, first ever WHITE PARTY in Bangkok, the massive WINTER PARTY FESTIVAL in sexy Miami Beach Florida and was the musical genius behind the fireworks music during the WHITE PARTY PALM SPRINGS TEA DANCE, instantly elevating him into the international circuit arena!

With his production partner DJ GRIND, Toy has made several remixes that have been Top 5 on the Billboard Dance Chart, together they have produced remixes for Hailee Steinfeld, Kylie, Cher, Mel B & Demi Lovato.

DJ Brian Cua

Brian Cua started his career as a resident DJ for the legendary Manila gay club, BED.

From doing bootleg remixes featured in, Brian has now done several US Billboard chart-topping official remixes (either solo or with Drew G as Dirty Pop) for artists like Madonna, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Martha Wash, Deborah Cox, Cher, among others. Locally, he has produced hit remixes for Kidwolf, Kio Priest, Jed Madela, Charice, Angeline Quinto and Vice Ganda.

DJ Kazwal

Kazwal's musical journey began with his love for progressive music that intensifies song aUer song before the main banger track. Foreplay before intense sex as he calls it. Kazwal plays each track to build the next, from deep, dark tunes to pop remixes and finally to the main banger tunes.

He specializes on Future House pop remixes and bouncy EDM tracks to get the crowd pumping. Can also play chill house, tropical music for that sunset party to bass house and lit tunes for that underground after party.

Deej Diaz

Deej Diaz started spinning behind the decks back in 2008. Coming back in 2015 with his perfectly strange sound - a mix breed of electro, tribal, progressive and techno house music - get ready to hear a sexier, juicier and more twisted musical journey.

DJ Inan Perillo

Inan Perillo got into DJing to fulfill a life-long dream of sharing his kind of music to the world. He adds his own style to EDM with a touch of Progressive and Electro. He believes that melodic rhythms and enthralling vocals make for a great track. His sets almost always start off with Trance, Trouse, and/or Dreamy Progressive leading to head-bobbing, fist-pumping Mainroom House and Pop EDM.

"Foam Party" – May 1, 2017

DJ Taki

Country: Hong Kong

One of Asia's hottest and most sought after DJs, Taki has confirmed his status at the top of the HK/Asian Scene. His blend of progressive tribal, house, electronic & vocal house has revelers dancing all night long across dance floors around Asia.

After his 2004 breakout performance at the cult HK Morning Party followed with an in-house residency at Hong Kong’s Darling Harbor Group, DJ Taki has since worked at a different club all over Asia.

DJ Louis T

Country: Malaysia

Club Residency: Velvet Dance Club, Buddha Bar Basement, La Queen and Market Place

DJ Louis T has distinguished himself as a prominent DJ in the Asian circuit scene and has played at major parties across the globe. He has been headlining many circuit parties all around Asia. With a versatile repertoire, his style of music is an incredible blend of energetic and groovy progressive, funky house, tribal and handbag tunes—all guaranteed to drive the crowds wild.

DJ Sabotage

Influenced primarily by Deep Tech/Progressive House, Sabotage sparked his DJ career in Asia back in 2001 with a mission to share his love for both dance and music to the world. Each set is a journey portrayed symbiotically through his own selective twist of mysterious beats, melodic elements, and erotic basslines.

Sabotage is currently holding residency at DivineBliss in Kuala Lumpur, following previous pivotal residencies in Manila such as Flute Bar and Bed Club. He has played at various clubs and gigs around the region such as in Shenzhen, Shanghai (Club D2), Hong Kong (Curve, Homebase, Kee Club, Volume), Manila (Amber-Ultralounge, Bed, Flute, 71-Gramercy), and Jakarta (Apollo Club, Jackrabbit).

DJ ArrJae Puno

From simply being an enthusiast, AMP_DJ, Arrjae Puno, took his passion for dance music to the next level when he sought mentorship from Manila's top producer and DJ, Brian Cua. Then in 2011, he joined Bed Manila's roster of resident DJs. Since 2010, Arrjae has been playing at various venues in Metro Manila covering diverse genres but pulsating Electro fused with roaring Tribal has lately been defining his sound.

DJ Mike Lavet

MIKE LAVET started playing the party scene aUer he was among the top ten in the GSM Blue Mix Master and a finalist in the SMB Party All Night DJ Spin in 2011 and there was no looking back aUer that. Allied with KOSMOS, his style is dark, aggressive and full of energy as he conEnues to dish out Progressive House, Jungle Terror and LaEn and Tribal House at Hotdog Nights in Arcama, Black Market, Time Manila and Today X Future.

On the side, Mike curate’s music for Phil. Fashion Week, SM, Plains and Prints, Maldita and Sfera, to name a few, and events such as Black Party in 2010, Plavorm 360 and Sugar Coast Beach Bash. As creative director for one of the top photographers in the country, Mike also has his hands full causing a stir in the underground fashion scene as an artist and stylist.


Beachfront of Henann Regency, Station 2, Boracay Island

This is the 2nd year Jungle Circuit Party will host an event in Henann Regency, in fact last year jungle circuit party is the most attended night event during Laboracay 2016!!

And to entice you more, here is a video of what happened last year, 2016. It’s an all-out fun and party until dawn. This is a party you shouldn’t miss! See you there!

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Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn
Have a great day!
Xoxo, Aylin

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  1. Only downsides here was that I’m not sure if they were expecting such a crowd as they did not have nearly enough servers and sometimes it would take a really long time for service guy to come. But at the event venue they tried to keep a smiles on their face.


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