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Tangadan Falls - San Gabriel, La Union

One of my favorite travel buddies in the universe is my family. The love for travel started just recently and visiting nearby places, which is in most cases, less than 6 hours away from the metropolis is some sort of a mandatory once in every two months or whenever all our schedules fit in or just wanted to distress and be away from the chaos. First month of the year was full of adventure as we trek the new tourist attraction in La Union. It was an all-out fun with full of adventure and thrill along the way.

Tangadan Falls is located at San Gabriel, La Union

Full story is posted on my travel blog – Click HERE to get directed to the site.

Meanwhile, wearing proper clothing is a must for a comfortable and safe getaway. Mine is not proper that’s why I had a hard time trekking because I was just wearing slippers which is not advisable because there were a lot of slippery spots on the way to Tangadan Falls

Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn
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