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5 Loaves and 2 Fish Restaurant - a soulful food on your table.

When you are giving your full heart on what you are doing, I know the result would be fantastic. When something is done with love, the outcome is wonderful. And that’s exactly what 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Restaurant located at the Ground Floor, The Rock, Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City is all about.

I like and love spending my day productive and with the people who would inspire me to be at my best, at all times. Just like Ms. Dinah Grace M. Miro who uses her talents and skills to feed everyone with a sumptuous and soulful dishes available at her restaurant – 5 Loaves and 2 Fish.  During her childhood days, she’s helping her mom to cook, while on special occasions, she always tends to serve home specialties to her guests.

In 2011, Ms. Dinah, joined the “Ultimate Taste Test” where her delicious lavosh was one of the top choices among over 50 Best Food at the Mercato Centrale event. From there, the new journey has begun. Fast forward to present, Ms. Dinah now has 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Restaurant, where cooking is full of love and not only provides food for the hungry tummy but also provides food for soul. The restaurant itself is a good venue to relax while savoring over the variety of food that they are serving, there are bible verses written on the wall which reminds me of how great our God and how lucky we are to taste his beautiful creations. Interior is cozy and with a relaxing ambiance.

lightings - bulbs in different size and shap

 Beef Salpicao - yaaaas, I had to have my extra rice.

 Cooking with Love; Provide Food for the Soul

hi Patrick! errr... lavosh

I love everything that I ate but what stands out on my taste buds are the beef salpicao and high-five salad, these two are way too comforting and without worrying that it might ruin my diet plan. And yes, it is worth every penny! By the way, you might ask what is lavosh? Well, it is an Armenian, unleavened flatten bread. It is a cracker, a thin crisp bread that originated in the Turkish region. Mostly used to scoop up food. Lavosh is a perfect appetizer to whet your appetite for a starter; best paired with gourmet dips and spreads!

salad heaven!

I did try most of their best sellers and oh boy, I warn you – there’s a lot to try!  Every dish has its own character and palatable taste that you will long for. So, before I end this post, sharing with you these beautiful and yummy dishes! Don’t worry, I also had the same feeling as you are right now, I’m craaaaaaaaving! 

High 5 - Php 285

Balayan Salad - Php 285

 Lengua with Olives

BBQ Spareribs - Php 295

 Salmon with Four Cheese

Spaghetti with Chicken Parmesan - Php 290

Pasta with clams... yum!

 Beef Salpicao

Savor, enjoy and end up craving for more!

5 Loaves and 2 Fish Restaurant
Ground Floor, The Rock, Holy Spirit Drive
Quezon City, 1127

Operating Hours
Monday – Thursday:  11am to 10pm
Friday – Sunday:   11am to 11pm

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