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Travel Must Have for a No-Worry Trip

Howdy, Fellas! Where you up to? I know those itchy feet wanted to go somewhere and explore places to be added on our database of memories. Gee… I’m already dreaming of crystalline water of the beaches, powdery sand, perhaps to see city skyline at sunset while having dinner on top of the tallest building, or else, just having a picnic in a nearby park.
I know each and every individual in the universe has different preferences when it comes to travel – long-haul flights, road trips and food trips! But whatever it is, we always have something in common and that is to have a memorable and enjoyable trip.

With that having said, let me share with you my Travel Must Have for a No-Worry Trip. Kindly read on.

Plan your trip ahead of time. Nothing beats preparedness because you can maximize your time and visit all places you wanted. Do your research on where to stay, what to do, what’s the weather, etc. so you’re able to set expectation. Have a back-up plan so that when the first one didn’t push through you can still have option.

Pack important things only. If you already planned where and what you’re going to do, proceed with packing. You’re on vacation so might as well, live by it. Bring important documents such as passport, if traveling abroad and or any government ID needed to present if asked to. Of course, clothing could be a big factor – so make sure to pack what suited for the weather and those comfortable clothes. If you were like me – I also plan what I am going to wear and I always bring clothes that I could mix and match. By the way, don’t forget your camera. *wink*

Bring First-Aid Kit. Traveling could also bring sickness and we don’t want that to happen, who does, anyway? Therefore, always bring your first-aid kit which contain all the necessary medicine to keep us in energetic and in a good shape. We should be healthy and worry-free from sickness anytime of the day. Good thing, United Home has a line of health and wellness for our travel needs which is quality-proven proven products from Unilab at an affordable cost!

United Home Product
SRP per piece (Php)
  • United Home Ceetab (Ascorbic Acid) – helps promote immunity against sickness
  • United Home Dizitab (Meclizine HCl) – relief from dizziness/motion sickness (for long-haul flights and road trips)
  • United Home Supracid (Sodium Bicarbonate) – relief from hyperacidity (for food trips)
  • United Home Loperamide (Loperamide) – relief from diarrhea/LBM (for food trips) 
United Home is our travel partner for our health and wellness needs! Take care and happy traveling!

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