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Turn on Your Desi Swag with Impeccable Sarees to Suit your Body Type!

You might have come across a situation where you fall in love with a saree design and you buy it instantly but when you actually drape the saree, it doesn’t turn out to look the way you actually imagined! We all have different body types and there are bound to be some sarees that suit us while some that don’t. To avoid such disappointing situations, it is necessary to be aware of your body type and about the types of designs you should opt for accordingly.

Once you learn about what suits you best, you’ll notice a difference in how your usual sarees highlight your silhouette. Moreover, since you’ll won’t be disappointed anymore, you will feel confident in what you are wearing and that is what will enhance the oomph of the saree.

So here is a guide on how you can select the right types of saree patterns for yourself depending on your body shape.

Short Women

Thinner the border, the better it is for you. Go for a saree with light colors and small prints. Embroidery sarees or other sarees with great detailing are your best friends. There are no restrictions on the type of fabric you choose.

Apple Shaped Women

Apple shape implies that a woman’s chest and tummy is broader than her hips and legs. Ladies, we know the struggle and finding something good can be a big problem at times. To balance out your proportions, go for silk or georgette material sarees as they will flow gracefully on your body. Try finding a saree that has a heavy pallu. You can tie your saree a little higher than usual if you don’t wish to show too much skin.

Pear Shaped Women

If you fall in the category of women who have a slightly broader waist than their upper body then this tip is for you. Make the most of your curvy figure buy highlighting your waist area. Opt for chiffon or georgette sarees with elaborate borders, embroideries and prints on them. While a saree draped in Guajarati style will work well for you, a mermaid cut one would totally be a no no! 

Inverted Triangle Shaped Women

Women with an inverted triangle shape have comparatively broader shoulders and chest than their waist and thighs which are narrow. Blouses that are not much elaborate and heavy will do wonders to you. Net sarees can be a good option for you to show off your narrow waist.

Hour-Glass Shaped Women

This category of women has proportionate bust and hips and slimmer waist. These women are blessed to have this shape as almost all types of sarees look gorgeous on them. Preferably choose dark colors to mute your curves a little. Chiffon, georgette or silks can be your go-to fabrics.

Even if you great fan of bollywood designer sarees, the online stores could cater well to your variety of needs. The latest collection out here will give you mind-boggling solutions for all your shopping needs. With just simple clicks you can get variety of options and solutions. These sarees are perfect for party wear or any kind of grand occasions.

Prime benefit of this unstitched fabric called “saree” can easily adapt your body figure. You could get options of various different shades and colors. This traditional fabric is unconventional to embrace the beauty of very Indian women. When it comes to Sarees you could even experiment with different style of pallu. Sarees are simply awesome to give out that dramatic impact.

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