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ATI in Bicol: Sonrisa Farm

It’s been months ago since I visited not just one but four organic farms in Bicol namely, Sonrisa Farm, Dacara’s Farm and Gardens, KOPPA Farm and Longabela’s Kalikasan Farm. Of course, each of them deserve its own post as they have their own story to tell. Story that worth sharing, inspiring and life changing so guys please stay tuned I assure you it’s more of eye-opener on how we should change our lifestyle… for the better. Of course, this trip wouldn’t be possible if I don’t have friends in the blogging world, thank you Ate Ruth Floresca of Write, Breathe, Live and the awesome people behind Agriculture Training Institute (ATI). I’m glad to be part of OA Bloggers Event, for the first time that was organized by ATI. It’s already their 9th event so yeah – it is how successful it is and great to know that there are a lot of farmers who supports organic farming. More so, Mr. Michael Villezar of ATI Region 5 welcomed us with an enthusiasm to introduce to us the pride of organic farming in Bicol.

Sonrisa is a Spanish word that means smile. And people who enters the farm always have this beautiful curve on their faces, that’s why the owner of the farm, Ms. Cherry Lo, named it as Sonrisa Farm. The farm is located in Carangcang, Magarao, Camarines Sur. 

It was already lunch time when we get there and Ms. Cherry Lo, who is a breast cancer survivor, prepared sumptuous meals, ingredients are all organic and fresh from the farm. Ideally, the farm was made because Ms. Cherry wanted to change her eating lifestyle and make sure that what she eats are all free from chemicals due to insecticides and pesticides sprayed on the plants. At Sonrisa Farm, everything is organic, they are using natural fertilizer and attractants to grow their plants. She wanted to live a life wherein she knows what she is putting on their table. All of a sudden, the farm blossom into an amazing Sonrisa Farm that would empowers women to have a better life by having a healthy lifestyle.

Lunch was a feast! We had Guyabano, Mango and Baligang square, an excellent source of Vitamin C, there was also a ginataang lumpia, crispy kangkong, okra, spicy dilis, suman deliciosa, vegetable rice and malunggay puto! But wait there’s more, rolled sweet potato, oyster mushroom pasta and the best seller rainbow salad were also up for grabs! Rainbow salad is composed of red amaranth, mediciano herb, blue ternate, santan or ixora coccinea, mansanitas, alugbati, red and green rapid lettuce and these are all available in the farm! By the way, the lemongrass tea was absolutely refreshing!

After our hearty lunch, Ms. Cherry toured us to the farm. There are stingless bees (yes!!! You read it right, Sonrisa Farm has stingless bees and that was my first time to heard and saw it.), mushrooms, papaya trees, chili plants everywhere, rice fields and many more. Everything is in there! If you wish to visit the farm, for just only Php 250 entrance fee you are able to see Sonrisa Farm and of course, taste their organic meals.

Hi Lou! the woman behind the LemonGreenTea blog.

mushroom sprouts

 papaya trees with huge fruits!


 sili plants are everywhere!

 Mt. Isarog at the backdrop.

 beautiful Sonrisa Farm

the squad!!! More photo ops with these awesome people.

 it feels great to be here.

the ever so young-looking Ate Ruth Floresca

this serves as attractants! So, instead of insects going to directly to the plants, they are first attracted to this!

farm to table treats!

rainbow salad!

and more organic foods!

my lovely and colorful plate for lunch.

more attractants in the farm


wishing I could have something like this soon.

with Ms. Cherry Lo

Now, I oath to eat organic and start living a healthy lifestyle because aside from helping our farmers who advocates organic farming but also because eating proper food especially organic ones has a lot of benefits.

For more inquiries and bookings just call +63-917-329-3129 or +63-998-580-1082 or send an e-mail through Or visit their Facebook page,

For organic farming inquiry, visit ATI website,

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