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Life Lessons and New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

This is not a typical blog post as I seldom write something too personal and more of me in this open space of mine, so guys please bear with the lengthy and some sort of more of “me” post. Well, I saw and read a lot of year-ender entry so mine would be a ‘start the year right’ as I look back with what 2017 had brought in my life. Hopefully, I might somehow share some word of wisdom or positive vibes as you start the year and keep moving.

I always love the idea of new year, not because of grandest and colorful fireworks display all over the world, not because of the noisiest and coolest countdown in town, not because of completing the 12 rounded fruits nor foods to be serve at our table but because of new beginnings, new start, new chances and brand new year to start again and be better. Though, every day is always a new beginning, new start, new chance but new year for me is the time to renew myself, recollect memories, reflect on life lessons that previous year has taught me and of course, a time to be the better version myself. And as I grow older, I realize that material things are just part of someone’s happiness but to see them happy brings joy in my heart and when you feel it, it cannot be compared to anything in this world.

Life Lessons

I learned that people come and go. You can make as many acquaintances as you want, some will betray you, some will be close to you and some will either ruin or touch your life. But one thing is for sure, those who will stand by you on your happiest moments and always there on your darkest hours are for keeps and no distance, no matter how many miles away, can break that.

I learned that life is better after 9-hour work. I’m lucky that I have office mates that became my friends and friends who treated me like family. You can disagree at each other when at work but after work is way better, you can learn from their life experiences and stories that could hone you as a better person and vice versa.

Always be kind and the universe will be kind to you. Even if the world is so wrong, choose kindness. Being kind will keep you on track and can sprinkle positive vibes. With too much negativity and rudeness around you, choose to be kind than to be right and let the karma do its thing.

Don’t dwell with the past. It is okay to look back so you have something to lean on to move forward but don’t stay with it. You are preciously made to be a better person so always crave to be a person that you will proud of.

Choose to be grateful and happy. Every day is a blessing, be grateful about it. Be thankful with your problems as it teaches you a lesson, be thankful with your pain as it makes you tough, be thankful even if it hurts as you learn to love more. Be thankful every day, no matter what situation it is, you always have a big God to help you to figure it out. Choose to be HAPPY, it is an effective medicine that cure illnesses.

New Beginnings

Keep a promise, be a man with a word of honor. I know some would say, promises are made to be broken. I can attest to that. But in the world that almost no one cares about promises, be the one who keeps it. I do and I’ll never get tired of keeping my promises. Be a man with a word of honor and live by with that principle.

Be more passionate. The universe needs it.

Goal-setting and planning. When I was schooling, I always jotting down my dreams, goals and plans. And then there was a time that I was crossing them out one by one. It brought joy and fulfillment. It is good to start over again, write down my goals and start working on it.

Be enthusiasm. Be enthusiastic to achieve your goals and make every plans well-executed.

Travel more. Well, I still have a lot on my bucket list and the experiences it brings to me are cannot be explained and beyond compare. Traveling makes me feel that I am blessed to see the wonders of the world.

To empower others. It is empowering to empower others. I like the idea of giving others an inspiration and motivates them to move forward. And yes, I want to do more of it and empowers other people lives, especially women. 

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