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10 Places to Visit for First Timers

It can be really exciting to plan your first holiday or vacation. While it is thrilling to know that you would be visiting a far off and exotic location, it can be challenging at the same time, especially when you are not sure where to go and what to do. After all, the world is full of leading tourist destinations, and each of them seems better than the other. 

It can be a bit daunting to decide especially when you ’ve never traveled abroad or within your country. One is apprehensive of so many aspects such as which is the cheapest and best way to travel, what’s the food like and what language issues one might have. One is also anxious about where to stay and for that one just needs to browse Marrakech vacation rentals to get some amazing options to stay at and all at very affordable costs. Here are the top ten destinations that guarantee amazing vacation and great memories.

1.      Mexico City

Check out Mexico that has so much to offer, whether it is an intense art scene or the museums or wild nightlife or peaceful parks. The neighborhoods of Mexico carry distinct personalities and add to the actions scene for those coming to Mexico City. Mexico City is massive and has both modern and traditional side to it. It is thronged with a mix of locals and tourists who are out enjoying the unique blend of sounds, cultures, and sights. Explore the trendy cafes or enjoy bars and boutique shopping or the nightlife.

2.      Sydney, Australia 

Sydney is a great city, and a must visit. What makes it popular are its urban setting and nature escape that is filled with food and sports scenes along with vibrant arts. One can easily reach New Zealand from here.

3.      Dublin, Ireland

You are going to fall in love with this warm and friendly country. There are lots to enjoy here from festivals and fine food and the pubs. Explore the Kilmainham Gaol and Witness History museum, but do not forget to get advance tickets. It is a good idea to get the Heritage Card that would allow you to explore so many historical sites.

4.      Iceland 

Iceland is already among the hottest travel destinations today because of the awesome landscape. There are steaming volcanoes, glacial lagoons, hot springs and a vast landscape of black sand beaches plus those landscape of black sand beaches. You would feel as if on an entirely different planet. With a promising tourism infrastructure, it is easy to reach Iceland and navigate it easily because of those multi-day tours. You can relax and enjoy the adventures and let someone else take care of the driving.

5.      Paris

There is no denying that Paris is the most visited city in the world. There is a certain casual elegance to Paris and a mystical charm because of those famous museums such as Musee d’Orsay and Louvre. Get familiar with basic French expressions and enjoy the limitless opportunities offered by the city and its neighborhoods.

6.      London, United Kingdom 

Being in London would make you feel like in an entirely different country. It can be a culture shock for some who have never been abroad. Everyone speaks English here and the city is very diverse. There is a lot to do and see within London or the nearby locations such as the spectacular Scottish Highland, the beautiful Cornwall coast or Edinburgh. Enjoy looking at the iconic attractions of London like Big Ben, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.

7.      Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has fast become one of the most popular cities for travelers, and it is an infectiously laid-back way of life that lures one to come back here again and again. You will love Portugal’s iconic cobblestones on nearly all of the streets in Lisbon, and every time you turn a corner, you will feel like snapping a picture. Beaches are nearby, and it is indeed a must to sample the nightlife of the city.

8.      Canada 

Canada is another fantastic place for your first trip abroad. This is indeed a safe and incredibly scenic place for holidaymakers, especially those who love outdoor adventurers. St. John’s is ideal for those looking for city life, and the easternmost province of Newfoundland is very popular among the vacationers. There are bars, pubs, restaurants that make the hub of the nightlife. For those looking for outdoor adventures, they can enjoy kayaking, hiking, iceberg cruises, whale watching hiking and much more.

9.      Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona showcases the best of Europe and is indeed one of the most tourist-friendly cities. Home to ancient neighborhoods like El Born and Barri Gotic, there is so much to do and explore here. The city is cheap, and its most prominent delights are Catalan Modernist Antoni Gaudí’s creations. Take a look at the stunning Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum and MACBA. The food scene is rich, and there is cutting-edge contemporary art to see here. Shop at the array of designer boutiques and stores.

10.  San Francisco, California 

San Francisco is loaded with unique neighborhoods, and there are lots to do here. One can take a bike across the Golden Gate bridge or visit the tourist areas like Fisherman’s Wharf. One can take Amtrak trip on to Los Angeles from here. This is a fabulous place to be for all the foodies and outdoorsy types. Go to the Ferry Building Marketplace to grab a bite.

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