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Harris Riverview Kuta Hotel – Bali, Indonesia

It was fine sunny Friday afternoon when we set foot at the funky lobby of Harris Riverview Kuta Hotel, at the lobby one of the eye-catchers is the swimming pool that is very accessible, they have three swimming pools by the way. Checking-in was so quick and hassle-free, seems like the receptionist senses our tired body coming from a whole day tour in Ubud as I never imagined that in just less than fifteen minutes our spacious room welcomed us warmly and the way it was being setup; it already connotes comfort. And yes, we never expected that aside from its strategic location in Kuta; Harris Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta has a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere that made us feel at home. Plus, the family room that we booked for four days and three nights is good for four persons, which is quite huge and roomy for the three of us. Basically, we can walk around without bumping on each other and even had a coffee session on our dining slash living area anytime of the day. It has also a stunning view of swimming pool from our room’s veranda and from our bedroom’s window.

Harris Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta is more than just a hotel, it is a concept for business and at the same time leisure lifestyle without hurting your pocket, and yes, being an advocate of “traveling in style” without spending too much, I was glad that this hotel’s motto is “the brighter side of life” on which they firmly stand because they promote a healthy lifestyle, offers a very good ambiance, bringing people together, and being a playful player in the business. To add, its interior with a touch of orange brings a cool, fun, and happy vibes. Harris Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta is a 4-star hotel and one of the many Harris Hotels managed by Tauzia Hotels.

my footsteps leads me this wonderful hotel in Kuta, Bali

the pool's bar, piña colada?

The Room

We booked a Harris Family Room which has one bedroom with a king-sized bed and two single-sized bed positioned at the living area, a kitchenette, a water dispenser, a closet, a dining table for four persons, a living area with TV of course to entertain you during your idle time, a safety deposit box for your valuable stuff, complimentary tea and coffee, and ladies (and gents!) there’s also a hairdryer and universal plug at the bedroom and living room. Of course, whenever I am in an out-of-the-country (getting rid of the expensive roaming charges, Wi-Fi is a must so I guess, you can already imagine how happy I was when I know that there is a FREE Wi-Fi for those who can’t be offline and needed connection to do their work even on vacation. Aside from that, desktop computers are also available at the lobby.

the king-sized bed

hug from Harris, yes?! 

spacious and tidy room, perfect for family of 4

two single bed in the living area

the living area

The Food

Of course, the very important meal of the day is breakfast and we had a luxurious meal in a buffet style at Harris Café on which they also serve halal foods and best Indonesian cuisines. Having a breakfast at their restaurant and their brewed coffee was something to look forward for every morning. The coffee tastes so good that I tend to finished two cups every day, you can’t blame me though as its aroma was really a day-starter.  Authentic Indonesian healthy drinks such as Jamu Sari Jahe, Jamu Kunyit Asam and Jamu Beras Kentur are also available at the buffet’s juice bar. It was also my first time to saw a restaurant that already has green tea ready for consumption. Even though the variety is limited, every dish was delicious and palatable.
what's for breakfast?

The Amenities

Our itinerary was quite packed with activities to explore and discover Bali, we still made sure to enjoy its amenities. We did swimming at night and during an afternoon siesta where there’s no crowd. There’s also a gym for those who want to shed off extra calories and or maintain their weight. A function hall that fits more than a hundred visitors for those who wants to celebrate their special day or for those who want to conduct a seminar or just have business planning. 
one of the function rooms
and this was the setup for business meeting

the main swimming pool, our room was on th 3rd floor

The Verdict

With its very strategic location, I would highly recommend Harris Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta for first timers, family with kids and for everyone who will be visiting Bali soon. It was my first time in Bali and having this kind of accommodation gave me the pleasure to explore and embrace its culture in a not-so-fast faced situation. Everything I needed was either a walking distance or just a 15-minute ride from the hotel. It is way perfect for those who look for a budget and yet ‘value for money’ kind of hotel accommodation, they offer free shuttle going to Boardwalk twice a day on which the famous Kuta beach is located, a few minutes’ walk from Kuta beach, you’ll reach the Legian beach and catch the sunset while having a drink and good music played by the locals at Seminyak beach. While the delicious, affordable and most recommended Babi Guling is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

It was a relaxing and hassle-free accommodation. If it weren’t my first time in Bali, I would say that I will just stay in my room, do blogging and or enjoy its amenities. Yes, Harris Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta is best suited to every kind of traveler and given a chance to be back soon in Bali, I still choose this hotel. The staffs were so very friendly and do their best to attend on my needs, accommodating enough to assist me with anything even on hiring a cab or suggesting places to visit. More so, it is affordable that just for as low as Php 2,150 (560,000 rupiahs) you can book a Harris Family Room. Really, you can travel and have an accommodation in style without compromising your budget.

* * *
HARRIS Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta 
Jalan Raya Kuta No. 62 A, Kuta
Bali, Indonesia, 80361


  1. What a great site the Harris Riverview in Bali is! Your room was nice, I love the Harris Big Hug! The Function Room, planning set up room and other meeting room are huge and nicely furnished. Also a nice gym to work off all that fantastic food!

  2. I love the amenities of this hotel. The pool looks so inviting and I like that there is a bar nearby so we don't have to walk a distance to get some refreshments. If I travel to Indonesia, I think this would be the place to stay. Thanks for your review of the Harris Riverview Hotel!

  3. I adore the colors of this hotel! The pops of orange are so happy. But how could you not be happy with such lovely ammenities?

  4. Ummmmmmmm... WOW. What an experience. I've never really thought about travel to Bali, but may need to reconsider my bucket list!

  5. What a gorgeous place, looks like it has everything. Bali is on my bucket list, I would love to explore the area and the culture.


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