Weekend Family Fun at Poracay Resort

When the universe showers me of opportunities to travel and explore the world, I felt and will always feel grateful and lucky that I was able to achieved and still experiencing the luxury of traveling. I’m still working hard and looking for ways to expand my income streams so that I can tick one place at a time off my bucket list the sooner possible, while my body is able and physically can do all the adventures that the universe has to offer. Well, my desire to attain these goals will certainly possess the superhuman abilities to achieve it. Plus, I have a big G to help and guide me. 

Meanwhile, traveling with my family, the boyfriend and with my closest friends were always one for the books. Whatever the adventure is, whether luxurious or budgeted, planned or spontaneous, as long as they’re the people I am with, everything is perfect and wonderful. It is always great to hear the ‘wow’ and “aha” of these people dear to my heart when something amuses them. And of course, to witnessed how they embodies positivity and the-fun-must-goes-on mantra whenever there is mishap or something do-not-meet-our-expectation came up along the way.

So when the family went to Poracay Resort located in Porac, Pampanga, even just for a day tour (we always do our road trips on Sundays, the day everyone is available), each and every one of us were at awe when we were greeted with the beautiful resort entrance after a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila. It was all worth the bumpy and dusty ride. Everyone’s excited to enjoy its amenities and roam around the area.

Poracay Resort looks fancy but affordable. It has four swimming pools (as far as I can remember) to choose from and we rather used the one near our Nipa Hut. It was not crowded during our visit though that’s why we got the leisure to fully enjoyed the resort, especially the kids. If you are not in the mood for swimming, you may opt to go kayaking and fishing or feel the thrill doing the zip line. Unlike other resorts, Poracay Resort is not strict with the food you bring, corkage fee is limited to beer and Lechon other than that, you may bring any food for your indulgence.

Please see below rates for your reference:

Kids (Below 4 ft.)
Day Swimming (8:00am - 5:00pm)
Php 190.00
Php 170.00
Night Swimming (2:00pm - 10:00pm)
Php 200.00
Php 180.00
Overnight Stay for overnight accommodation 3:00pm to 12:00nn
Php 200.00
Php 180.00

Nipa Type
Price per Night
View Photos
Nipa Hut A (6-8 Persons)
Php 800.00
Photos posted on their site. See below.
Nipa Hut B (10-15 Persons)
Php 1,200.00
Nipa Hut C (10-15 Persons)
Php 1,500.00
Nipa Hut D (10-15 Persons)
Php 1,500.00
Steel Cottage (8-10 Persons)
Php 2,000.00

For those who wanted to stay overnight, they have an overnight accommodation such as Villas, Sawali and Cabin with a standard check-in time at 3:00PM. Kindly visit their website to be posted at the end of this post for the rates and more information. And yes, weekend getaway with the family need not to be costly, as long as you are together and having fun, everything is worth the bumpy, dusty and long drive. 

Mi Amor, at the Kayak and Fishing area

Kayak and Fishing area

Hi Wendy! 

beautiful facade

Hi Bem!

my two favorite persons in the universe

Hello Yen!

my sister, Ai <3

mi familia


* * * *
Poracay Resort
Balik Barangay, Manibuag Pasig
Porac, Pampanga, 2008

Contact Nos:
(+045) 436 7088
(+63) 917 620 0987
(+63) 922 843 0725

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