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DIY and Easy Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy while Traveling

I am more devoted with regards to taking care of my skin and keeping it healthy while I’m traveling. Maybe because I am fond of maximizing the use of available resources found in my hotel room and the likes that even my friends and travel buddies knows that I love doing my skincare routine most especially when I’m travelling. Why I am doing this despite of being not in the city? Simply because I don’t want that nagbakasyon-ka-kind-of-look when I’m back at work or whenever random acquaintances and friends see me. I just explaining things over and over again for random people, I guess and of course, to empowers other that it is okay to play under the sun, go out and explore the world, be brave of doing something for the first time and yet, not compromising the health of your skin. But sometimes getting excited or unplanned vacation have the tendency that you might forget the stuff that you should be bringing. What I usually do is that I do have a list of what to bring and to save time and effort, I have the non-negotiable things that I must be bringing whatever and whenever my travel is. My dear, without further ado, kindly read on my DIY and easy tips to keep my skin healthy even though I am miles away from home. Shall we?

keeping my usual skin care routine while on vacation

Sunscreen / Sunblock

The number 1 on my what-to-bring list and it is non-negotiable. Protecting my skin under the sun and harmful UV rays is a must for me even if I just go to work or being out with friends. You may choose body lotion or moisturizer that contains SPF so that you get protected anytime without putting too much product on your skin and SPF15 will suffice. By doing so, your older self will be thankful to your younger self.

Tea Bath

If you’re not a tea-fan then that complimentary Earl Grey tea at your hotel room has use now. At the end of the day, after all the walks, tours and everything-in-between, I love to have a calming and relaxing tea bath. Since most of the hotels now has bath tub, then might as well, maximize it. I usually enjoy 30-min to an hour (if I fall asleep during the process) soaking my body on that beneficial tea bath.

Earl Grey’s sunburn-soothing powers come from the oil in its bergamot leaves. This kind of oil is found in Earl Grey team which indeed can soothe sunburn.

Green Tea, on the other hand, is widely known that contains antioxidants such as ECGC (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) that can reduce free radical damage caused by UV radiation in skin cells.

While Chamomile Tea, my favorite above all, is a wonderful, soothing healer that would give you a spa-like, bath-time treat. And I just love how pleasing its smell and how it calms my tired body.

So yeah, soak some tea bags on your bath and enjoy its numerous benefits. 

Skin-care Products

Of course, your ally for a beautiful skin and keeping it healthy are also from the skin-care products that you’ve been using. I always bring a facial mask whenever I travel, and it is best paired when I’m soaking my body under the tea bath. I am currently obsessed with Novelina Coenzyme Q10 Facial Mask because 1) it is an anti-aging mask that enhanced with Coenzyme Q10 that brings back the youthful glow 2) it is comfortably fit on my face and easy to use and 3) it is non-greasy and the after effect is visible. You got that glowing and soft skin after use. Plus, it is safe and can easily bought in the leading drugstores and even online.   

Novelina Facial Wash and Coenzyme Q10 Facial Mask with Lumispa

Another one that I like from Novelina skincare line is the Facial Wash that has deep pore cleaner and skin brightener anti-acne + snail serum and pollution shield. My face and neck were not in a good condition due to work related stress, pimples are everywhere and lots of cystic acnes along my jaw line. Well, using this facial wash for 3 days straight, night and day, clears my acne and brighten the acne scars. These two Novelina skin care products are my allies nowadays especially in the humid weather that Manila has. By the way, I also noticed that I am less-oily, so it seems like I am heading to a fair and normal skin. Yay!


One of the things I fancy for self care is massage because I get the instant benefits of it - a feeling of relaxation and calm... and at peace with my body. It was like the rhythm of my body's in-sync again. Other benefits such as reduced muscle tension, improved blood circulation, reduction of stress hormones, increased joint mobility and flexibility, it also improves skin tone. And yes, it is recommended to have a massage therapy once a week or twice for having a very active lifestyle and hectic schedule.  Oh boy, it's therapeutic!  

Drink Water

Keep your body hydrated, always. Water is super beneficial to our body and of course, skin. So yeah, don’t ever forget to bring a bottle of water anywhere you go.

There you go, I hope these tips could help you also in keeping and maintaining your skin fair and healthy. These are just basic and easy tips and affordable, too! You’re welcome! See you on the road!

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