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#TravelwithKKDay: Taipei 101 Observatory - An Experience to the Tallest Building in Taiwan

My Taiwan experience is not complete when I wasn’t able to experience the fastest elevator at the tallest Taipei 101 building in Taiwan and see that 360-degree view of the city from above. That’s what exactly my thoughts the day that I scheduled our visit to one of the tourist spots in Taiwan, we were still at the train coming from Taichung and feels like we were not going to make due to time travel. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with myself for not properly managing my time and rather explored and appreciated all the wonders that Taichung had offered to my very eyes. Well, Houli Flower Farm took most of our time; I’m Talato Café’s Hokkaido cheese-flavored ice cream and coffee float made me feel more relaxed and comfy that led me forgetting that I, we should be in a hurry; while Pink Land, which is just across the café, made me gaga to those pink rides and whatnots.

Taipei 101 from our hotel room

Everything was amazing that I took the opportunity to be photographed having those cute rides in the background. With that having said, it was mixed emotions that I really don’t know what to feel but at the end of the day, when the mishap was about to explode to my senses, I re-visited the fine print and voila, I was relieved to know that the voucher is valid for one year upon booking! Glad that I booked on the correct platform aside from its hassle-free and discounted tours; it has longer validity. Thank you, KKday!

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Meanwhile, from amba Taipei Songshan, our room view was of that standing tall and proud and colorful at night, Taipei 101. That’s why the next day, the agenda was to be early so that they will grant me to enter (because KKday fine print says, it will depend on the volume of the visitors that day) so might as well, be an early bird, on which, I successfully did! Hooray! Right after validating our code at the 5th level of the building, we were ushered to the 2nd fastest elevator in the world. In a span of 37 seconds from 5th floor to 89th floor, we have reached the Taipei 101 Observatory.

Taipei 101

the posh travelers! || with Effie of

Welcome to Taipei 101

voucher exchanged to coupon 

At 89th floor, 382 meters above the ground, the view was spectacular in every direction. The panoramic view of the city was magnificent. I was impressed and at the same time, the experience that I was at Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan and the 10th tallest building in the world. Seeing the entire Taipei from up above was surreal. It really is deserving of being an iconic part of the capital’s cityscape.

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Glad that the weather was fair enough to saw the green mountains hugging the valley. It was a clear day that I was able to see all the way to the Taiwan Strait to the west, and Taiwan's mountainous spine to the south. Taipei 101 is an engineering masterpiece and a must-see for visitors of Taipei, so I am very much happy to have seen it with my very eyes and took lots of photos for my keepsakes. Of course, your visit in Taiwan wouldn’t be complete without trying Milk Tea, right? So, with my voucher booked via KKday, I also took home a complimentary 3:15 milk tea. Every voucher comes with 1 box of 3:15 milk tea which contains 3 sachets and guys, it tasted great! Just present your voucher at the 89th floor Souvenir Counter. Don’t dare to forget claiming it guys or else it is sayang. It can be a pasalubong to your loved ones and friends.

with Ate Jinkee of

the glass corner!

take photo or it never happened - technically, spent around 10-15 minutes to take photos as many as I can and then, I just roamed around for an hour or so; appreciating its beauty! 

appreciating this mesmerizing view

the view from 89th floor - Taipei 101 Observatory

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If there’s an indoor observatory, rest assured that there is also an outdoor observatory and it is on the 91st floor. It will be accessible if the weather is good and luckily, during our visit it was! It was quite windy, but the view was even more fantastic. At 88th floor, there’s a colorful multimedia corridor where it showcased the beauty of Taiwan as it provides a 270-degree views of well-known scenic locations in the country leading to the super big wind damper, a 5.5 meter diameter, 660 ton weight suspended within the building to offset the force of wind and help the Taipei 101 stand upright and the Treasure Sky, a collection of unique jewel crafts where I sighted these beautifully crafted globe. Yeah, I want one!

ahhh, isn't it amazing! 

Taipei 101 ground floor

Right after we’re done roaming around, the observatory gets crowded, so I would suggest better come early if you want to see the city at daytime or around sunset time between 5PM to 6PM if you want to see the city starts to light up. The observatory is open from 9AM-10PM but make sure to be there 30 minutes before it closes. For an easy-peasy pass, travel with KKday! << Book your Taipei 101 Observatory here. >>

LOVE wins!

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