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Top 10 Historical Places to Visit in Nepal 2019

Nepal, a small country bounded with the great Himalayas is the desired place if you want to explore historical attractions very close to the culture of Buddhism and Hinduism. An infinite number of Monasteries, Temples, Durbar Squares, Stupas, and a lot more portrays Nepal’s history in detail way. However, exploring Nepal’s history amid snow-peaked mountains and serene natural beauty is a wonderful thing to cherish in the mountainous kingdom.

Here in this write up top 10 historical places to visit in Nepal was written down. Please go through them to find the best of 10.

    Shree Pashupatinath Temple

    Located on the banks of the Bagmati river, Shree Pashupatinath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a sacred place for Hindu devotees. This 15th-century temple complex with stunning architectural styles is the oldest Hindu temple in the world. Due to its mind-blowing architectural styles and devotees crowd, the temple was recognized by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

    On the day of Maha Shivaratri, the temple’s glory doubles with millions of devotees and celebrations. From the farthest places also people visits the temple to enjoy festive celebrations. Also, it is the best time to visit the temple.

    Kathmandu Durbar Square

    Kathmandu Durbar Square is like the center of attraction to Nepal Tourism. Located in the middle of Kathmandu City, this Durbar Square is a must-visit historical place in Nepal and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Durbar complex gives the whole theme of historical attractions to see in Nepal with a number of temples, palaces, architectural marvels, and more. Especially, here you can see fine craftsmanship of Newari architecture which is an ancient architectural style of Nepal.

    Once this Durbar was seat to rulers that’s why here we can see numerous historical attractions of the past times of Nepal. Without exploring Kathmandu Durbar Square your journey to Nepal is worthless.

    Bhoudanath Stupa

    Nepal’s holiest spot Bhoudanath Stupa also known as “Chorten Chenpo” is a salient place for Buddhist devotees. It is one of the largest Buddhist Stupas in the world with a massive structure in octagonal shape. This UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site built by King Man Dev in the 5th century is a prominent historical place to visit in Nepal.

    The Stupa with Spherical tower amid and surrounding small other temples signifies the teachings of Lord Buddha. From Nepal surroundings also, a large number of Buddhist monks and followers visits this Stupa, particularly from Tibet.

    Kopan Monastery

    We know Nepal is popular for Buddhism so here you can see numerous monasteries but Kopan Monastery is one of the finest. It is a famous hilltop monastery in Nepal which was settled very close to Boudhanath. The main aim of monasteries is to extend the teachings of Lord Buddha to all. In this thing, Kopan Monastery is very famous. For foreigner visitors, this monastery known for Buddhism teachings and practices.

    When it comes to the environment of this monastery is just soothing and serene. The natural beauty of the valley favors a pleasant atmosphere to visitors to seek the teachings of Buddhism in tranquil surroundings.


    A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of the important historical places to visit in Nepal. With the blend of religious aspects and historical significance, Lumbini is a great site to visit. Emperor Ashoka made the place as an important pilgrimage center to Buddhists by marking as the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

    Top 10 Historical Places to visit in Nepal 2019

    The place posses a few temples, monasteries, a museum, and Lumbini International Research Institute. Notably, Mayadevi Temple is the special attraction of Lumbini. For birdwatchers also, Lumbini is a great treat to watch some rare bird species. 

    Bhaktapur Durbar Square

    Bhaktapur Durbar Square is another popular historical site close to Kathmandu city within 15kms far away. This Durbar complex is an ideal place to go through different architectural wonders of Nepal. Here in this complex, you can find an uncountable number of historic temples, monuments, buildings, and a lot. But every construction is an architectural marvel. Simply, exploring Bhaktapur Durbar Square is a paradise of historical edifices.

    This complex was also recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exquisite wonders. In this complex, Pachpanna Jhyale Durbar is a worthy palace to visit.

    Top 10 Historical Places to visit in Nepal 2019
    Bhaktapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu City

    Swayambhunath Stupa

    Swayambhunath Stupa, Nepal’s one of the oldest stupas built around 460 AD is a holy place for Buddhist pilgrims. This holy and giant stupa is located on a hilltop offering with fantastic views of Kathmandu valley. 

    The temple complex was populated with monkeys that’s why this temple is also known as the “Monkey Temple”. The major thing to grab here is the eyes of Lord Buddha in paintings adorned to the Stupa look beautiful. Here you can visit Tibetan monastery and a museum exhibiting the heritage of Nepal. 


    Birthplace of Sita and the capital of Mithila kingdom, Janakpur is a popular historical place for Hindus to visit. In many mythological stories and instances we can see the name Mithila, such a prominent historic place it is in Nepal. Here only the wedding of Lord Rama and Sita took place. The culture and traditions here still untarnished by modern times. 

    In Janakpur, a must-visit place is the Janaki Mandir. It is a three-storey temple with awe-inspiring architectural styles. During the Vivah Panchami festival, the wedding day of Lord Ram and Sita this temple throngs with a huge number of devotees. It is the best time to see the temple in vibrant colors.

    Complex of Ruru Kshetra

    For Hindus, this complex is an important pilgrimage spot. The complex Ruru Kshetra lies at the confluence of Ridi Khola and Kali Gandaki rivers. In Nepal, this pilgrimage spot is the best place for Hindu rituals and also here cremation takes place. The medieval architecture and Ridi settlement show a great impact of the history of this place. 

    In Puranas and Hindu mythological stories also, this complex was named. To conserve the heritage and historical importance of this place here a number of festivals and fairs take place in regular intervals. Due to a confluence region, here you can enjoy the natural attractions of Nepal.

    Changu Narayan Temple

    With the history of 3,000 years, Changu Narayan temple is the other famous oldest Hindu temple in Nepal. This temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Pagoda architectural style of the temple is an attracting thing. Main Shrine of the temple adorned with intricate sculptures and arts is an eye-feast of historic architectural styles. Because of its intricate architectural styles, it was recognized by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

    In this temple complex, a museum showcasing the ancient, cultural, and archaeological things is a worthy place to visit. This temple was located on a hilltop close to Champak forests. From here you can capture fantastic views of intense greenery of surroundings.

    Either you want to take the luxury vacations than choose Palace on Wheels India and stay onboard the train. After going through all these, you can sense the rich cultural and traditional values of Nepal. So, for your next vacation plan to these places to explore the culture and history of Nepal.

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