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VolunTour: Volunteerism + Tourism

This year (2019) is all about making my dreams into reality, doing something for the first time, and going to places that I have never been before. From this day forward, I wanted to explore one place at a time, learn its culture, empower and help others. Too ambitious, right? But I guess, knowing that I am surrounded with great, free-spirited and kind-hearted people – nothing is impossible

Thus, VolunTour happened, a group of people who loves to travel and at the same time, take the opportunity to help others while traveling. VolunTour is a combination of two words  – Volunteerism and Tourism.


    Per Google, Volunteerism is the practice of providing time and skills for the benefit of other people and causes rather than for financial benefit. 

    Spending time with indigenous people or less fortunate one’s matter. By doing so, they feel that they are valued, that their existence matters and by just chatting and engaging with them, unknowingly, they are empowered to do more and be a better person as day passes by. But for me, the lessons that I am about to learn is cannot be measured, that no amount of money can buy those insights learned from these people, that I will go home with so much enthusiasm to work harder and to learn more so that I can share and give more the next time we do it.

    VolunTour: Volunteerism + Tourism; volunteerism; aeta community; aparri, Cagayan
    yours truly at Aeta Community in Calamaniugan, Cagayan


    On the other hand, Tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also, the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourism may be international, or within the traveler’s country.

    With over 7,000 islands of the Philippines and being an archipelago, there are beautiful and wonderful places to discover in the country. From mountain ranges to beaches; from heritage places to lakes and many more, every traveler will be astounded with its beauty and that’s for sure. But beyond these beauties – there is a deafening cry that we tend not to notice and that’s the sad reality. Not because we are just too naive and insensitive but because, we don’t know how to lend a helping hand, what to give or share and where to start.

    VolunTour: Volunteerism + Tourism; volunteerism; aeta community; aparri, Cagayan
    VolunTour 2019 crew at Cape Engaño Lighthouse - Palaui Island

    With that having said, I wanted to share our journey as we explore places and share our skills, talents and time to those people who we don’t encounter on our daily lives in the metropolis but have an impact to our human being. As I quote Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation, “Giving is not just about making donation, it’s about making DIFFERENCE” and all of us, with our own little way, can make a difference.

    VolunTour: Volunteerism + Tourism; volunteerism; aeta community; aparri, Cagayan
    playing with them <3

    Meanwhile, VolunTour 2019 happened last April 18-24, 2019, 7 days of traveling up north having the below route:

    VolunTour: Volunteerism + Tourism; volunteerism; aeta community; aparri, Cagayan
    all smile as we started our program

    Stay tuned for more detailed post about VolunTour 2019. Travel and explore the world and at the same time, make a difference.

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