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What Are the Best Places for Fishing Charters & Tours in Haida Gwaii?

Haida Gwaii is a gorgeous island off the coast of British Columbia. This mystical place is dense, with moss-covered rainforest and home to several ancient villages. There are a total of 150 rocky islands that make up with Haisa territory. Diverse and exotic plants and animals populate these islands. They were also home to the coastal First Nations people, which is still evident through the remains of their villages.

The largest towns within Haisa are Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate, and Massett. While Haida Gwaii offers plenty of shopping, art, and culture, the lush landscape and island location also provides visitors with ample opportunities for fishing and exploration. If you enjoy going off on your own, you can grab a map and tourist information from the visitor center and head out on your own with a rental car or bike. This is an excellent option for those that love the freedom of adventure and are comfortable in foreign places on their own.

    Adventure Tours

    Green Coast Kayaking tours will take you on tour around the island displaying breathtaking views of the landscape. Tours run in groups of individual paddlers and are ideal for all skill levels. They offer eight-day camping kayak tours that will allow you to explore the land and the water. With paddling doesn't sound appealing, you can go with Moresby Explorers on a motorized boat tour of the waters around the island. You'll be able to see the beauty of the island at a distance, as well as the abundant marine life surrounding the island.

    If you prefer staying on land or are looking for something less time consuming than an eight-day adventure, you can go on an electric bike tour of the island with Homegrown Adventures. An electric bike tour will allow you to explore the entire island, even the areas you can't reach with a car. With the battery backup, peddling around the island all day won't be exhausting.

    Many people travel to Haida Gwaii to enjoy fantastic fishing opportunities. Depending on the time of year you go, the island offers five different species of salmon, as well as steelhead, halibut, trout, and cod. Haida Gwaii fishing is known throughout the world because the waters are rich with large, wild fish. The halibut, trout, and cod can be found around the island all year. While the salmon is most plentiful through the summer months, although the Chinook salmon can also be found in the spring, and the coho salmon stays into the fall.

    Fishing Tours

    If  Haida Gwaii is on your fishing bucket list, you need to go through Fish Lodges, which offers terrific vacation deals for fishing trips throughout Canada, including Haida Gwaii. Through Fish Lodges, you can reserve a place to stay, access to marinas, fishing charters, and more. They can arrange guided fishing tours or provide the resources you need to go out on your own. Their inclusive trip packages offer everything you can want on a Canadian fishing adventure, including relaxation and fun bonding time. While there, you can spend time exploring the island and experiencing the culture. If you have non-fishers in your group, they can enjoy other tours and adventures while you are out fishing.

    They offer a wide range of dates that coordinate with the type of fishing that interests you most. They can also accommodate large and small groups. When traveling to another country for a fishing adventure, it is helpful to choose a company that knows the area intimately and can provide you with the best experience possible. Haida Gwaii is considered a mecca for sportfishing and something you have to try at least once in your lifetime.

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