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DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves

I always wanted a place that will makes me stay all day long... having a feeling that I no longer wanted to go out. So, when I had a chance to moved here at the condo, I used to host this place on Airbnb but guest is not yet allowed due to pandemic, for a breath of fresh air and new ambiance to contain my sanity... and perhaps find new inspiration to squeeze out my creative juices and do something for myself... alone. 

Anyway, in decorating and fixing the interior, I always take consideration of the things that I like - it's not just about business but I also put an effort to incorporate my personality in it. Whenever I travel, aside from the location, I always choose for an accommodation that aesthetically home-y, functional and yet, comfortable. Thus, I re-decorated and re-designed it with an ambiance of what I wanted to feel and something that worth my penny. And because of that, I have returning guests and some were already friends who would just sent me a message whenever they needed a place to stay. Oh well, building relationships with your quest was easy-peasy once you provided great service. Trust me, it really works well. 

DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves, Kitchen Shelves Ideas
DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves

    Goal: Bright, airy and functional... and personal. (And cozy!)

    Moving forward to my home improvement project, I upgraded my mini kitchen shelves into a bright and airy feel. The pros having a small space is that it is easy to decorate. But the cons, you have to be specific with what you want to integrate as you don't want to make it look like cluttered and busy. Stick to the goal so that it will be easy to keep on track and not buying unnecessary stuff. I allotted a budget and made sure that I won't go beyond that budget. 

    DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves
    Before (left photo) >>> After (right photo)

    I thought it would be easy, however, looking for the specific color and size of the shelves were quite a challenge, not all ACE Hardware (where I bought my other shelves) stores still have those I needed 3 floating shelves, by the way. So what I did was, visited numerous branches that I could and look for that one - from SM Megamall (I bought 1 here - the only stock left), went to Ace Hardware Promenade, SM Manila, SM Sta.Mesa, Cherry Mall, Handyman at Robinson's Manila and was about to give up. The last option that I thought of was to call Ace Hardware stores and asked them, so after several calls, I finally found my other two shelves. 🥂 

    Color Pallete: White, wood, gold and green.

    Since I wanted an airy and bright corner, I still opted for my white paint wall where the wood floating shelves in beech color are leaning against that white background. I also consider that Scandinavian interior design for the overall look and feel. By the way, floating shelf makes the space looks bigger and cleaner that's why I love them... and easy to install. For this size of shelf, you need an 8-mm drill bit. 

    DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves
    white. wood. green. gold. // tropical vibes

    Decor: Integrate personality.

    I, myself, is a traveler and I hosted travelers, too. I co-owned an online flower shop and during this pandemic, I became a plant momma. Hence, I put decors connected to the things I love doing... to make it more personal. 

    DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves
    wine. globe. coffee. golden pothos.

    DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves
    dried flowers. photographs. and calendar for some kind of tracking. 

    DIY Home: Kitchen Shelves
    can't wait to travel. but for now, please be safe.

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