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Staying Fit and Healthy with FeelinGirl

I was excited knowing that I’ve got plenty of time to spend at home then. Grateful that I still have a job despite the pandemic and I was ecstatic that I will be working from home which I long for so long that I got envy with my friends having them a once in a week work-from-home setup even before covid-19 happened. Well, as I mentioned I was excited for the extra time that I’m going to have. It means that, I could catch with my life like doing things and learning stuff at home which includes cooking, baking, decluttering, among others! And finally, a time to use that stationary bicycle that I bought a year ago. I must say, I was always busy with my life outside home – work and travel.

So, one of my priorities these days is to get fit and healthy and strong. Though, to be honest, I’m quiet having a hard time to be consistent on that one but I’m slowly picking up myself to back in routine and can’t wait to see it as my habit as the day goes by. And with that having said, I looked for allies that could help me out on this journey. That’s why I stumbled upon on FeelinGirl.

workout at home
sweat it out and my post workout energy drink

It is an online site that sells quality waist training accessories such as double belt waist trainer that I look forward to own to achieve my goals in no time. And oh girl, it is not just an accessory to aesthetically look good while on workout because it has a lot of benefits such as but not limited to:

  • It helps sculpt your body.
  • It helps you lose inches.
  • It supports your posture during a heavy lifting workout.
  • It assists with losing water weight.
  • It helps to make you feel fuller and by that, you are eating smaller portions or servings.

Better check it out, guys! You might find the best bodysuits for your training. To see results, you need to wear it long enough each day. To experiment how long you can handle it, you may start off wearing it an hour a day and gradually get to eight hours a day. Listen to your body and make it as your motivation and a constant reminder to your goals.

FeelinGirl - the best waist trainer

With what is happening around us, it is on us to choose whether we like to live a healthy lifestyle or the other way around. I know we still have a lot of goals to achieve and maybe, 2020 just wanted to let us, take a pause, realize what matters most, and eventually, know that we should take care of ourselves so we could take good care of our loved ones. It’s never too late to start a healthy journey and pursue a brighter future.

Meanwhile, I'm currently obsessed with these two - waist trainer corset and sweat arm trimmer.

waist trainer corset in neoprene

sweat arm trimmer

Stay safe, always.

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