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Travel, explore, learn, repeat: a wanderlust dream.

Do you have that impulse to venture into the exotic and the unknown? Do you have that urge to leave the daily routine to see something different or get to know new cultures and maybe rediscover oneself?

When you feel the same - you are a wanderlust with a wanderlust dream. It is a deep uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, to explore and enjoy the world, for whatever it means; and you want to do it over and over again.

Travel, explore, learn, repeat : a wanderlust dream
Comiran Island - Balabac Island, Palawan

    Why do most people wanted to be a wanderlust?

    Traveling is a wonderful experience but being a wanderlust is more than just traveling as it will teach us to escape your daily routine to experience the world. While doing the same thing from sun up to sun down gives the feeling of safety, the feeling of ennui takes over at times and we just wanted to escape the reality of everything. 

    Wanderlust is about experiencing new cultures, socializing and expanding one’s horizon. That wanderlust feeling goads us to leave our familiar surroundings and explore unknown countries and cultures. To wander is to remind ourselves that the world is bigger and more exciting than it seems when we are just sitting at home.

    How rewarding is being a wanderlust?

    That wanderlust dream might open the doors for you to be a travel blogger and influencer - one of the most exciting jobs in the world - where you can explore yourself while exploring the world.

    One of the positive impacts of being a travel influencer is that you encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and see the world. An influencer’s social media platforms and blogs or vlogs, educate the audiences about what exists outside of their own homes and remind them that travel is good for the world and good for the souls.

    Every travel influencer’s work encourages others to travel and it teaches them about a way of life that's different than their own. It also shapes someone's mind with ideas they hadn't been exposed to before.

    Traveling can change people as we learn to get out of our comfort zone. The wonderful moments we experience, people we meet along the way, the exotic and unknown world we discover as well as ourselves; are only a few of the learning we get during travels, and they are hard to describe to anyone.

    Maybe some of us have already lived through this unique experience and we can say that it’s more than just leaving our home. A person who travels more becomes more open-minded towards different worlds where we have to handle things we have never thought of before. 

    Travel, explore, learn, repeat : a wanderlust dream
    Balabac Island, Palawan

    What do you gain with travelling?

    Valuable experiences and learning such as patience, open-mindedness, solution-orientation, independence and feeling unlimited freedom in every fiber of our body – to name a few. But the most important thing that we will learn throughout the experience is that, life is really a journey and not a destination.

    We might already be thinking or planning for post-COVID travels as early as today. It is a good sign that we are still interested to discover more of the world despite the threat and despite the economic downturn we are facing today.

    Let’s travel as much as we can. Let’s see as much as possible of the world and immerse ourselves into new and different cultures, people and landscapes. Every journey will shape us and will earn us experiences no one can take away. Most especially, we will learn a lot about ourselves.

    Being a wanderlust is beautiful as we are able to understand one’s very existence. Remember that, life is like a book and those who don’t travel only read one page. Be a wanderlust so you’ll get to know the whole story and you will not get left behind.

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