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Best Practices for Cold Email Template that will Generate Warm Leads

Nowadays, email becomes accessible and handy as we can check our inbox wherever we are, any time of the day through our mobile phones and with that, we can read and write email and even send a response in no time. However, composing an email every now and then is quite tedious and time consuming that would lead us to frustration and oftentimes, missed opportunities. Thus, it is good to know about cold email template and how it can leverage the way we build relationship and get connected with a potential customer – something that would generate warm leads.

Best Practices for Cold Email Template that will Generate Warm Leads
Best Practices for Cold Email Template that will Generate Warm Leads

An email that is being sent to someone (a potential client) that doesn’t have an existing connection to you, or you have never met is called cold email. It is also a one-on-one, personal conversation which is usually sent from one business to another, or from one individual to a public figure, such as editor, media personnel or influencer. And if you are doing this professionally, then a cold email template would be helpful to lessen the effort and yet get relatively high return by maximizing what is already working. 

Here are some of cold email strategy and best practices as you create your first template.

  •  Use your real name, contact information such as job title, social media profiles, phone number, etc.
  •  Customized content for the recipient, make it a conversation starter rather than a request to take quick action.
  • Tie your email to a recent event such launching, anniversary, etc. This approach is great because it shows that you’re not sending out a mass email campaign. Instead, you have highlighted something that they specifically achieved.
  • Be as direct as you, including the subject line. The subject line is the first one to be read so it is necessary to highlight it as an attractive proposition but of course, leaves enough imagination for recipient to make them want to open the email, to discover and learn more. Having a direct subject line would also quickly describe what the sender can offer without taking too much time from the recipient. Give your prospective clients a perspective that their time is being valued.
  • Share a valuable resource. Be an asset to your recipients, provide value to them every time your email landed on their inbox – that they would opt to open your message. Always share valuable and highly relevant resources with them.
  • Rock the boat. Not everyone has time to stay on top of the trends, developments, tools, and tricks in their industry despite of all the information available in the world wide web. So, make it as your advantage to do it for them. Find – or be – a source of facts about a new product that they may not have heard and share it with them.


Always remember that the email template is your starting point to market whatever products or services you wanted to offer, so make it as simple as you can but yet, informative, and valuable. Furthermore, here are some tips on how to use cold email templates, effectively.

  • Templates are best used for repeatable messages. You can definitely use one template for targeted clients under one industry – same goals, same setup, and same information. Take note of these:
    •    Different emails for different targets
    •    Research individuals and personalize the first sentence
  •  Use template as creative information. Think this way, recipients receive hundreds and thousands of emails every single day – so how yours will stand out from anyone?
  • Ask yourself: Does it make sense to offer? Absolutely! Most of the effective emails involve special offers – like free trials and discounts, among others. Who does not love discounts, right?

Be concise and make it as personalize as you can that would make them feel that it is necessary to open your email.

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  1. Thanks for this information. I am always looking for ways to better my templates so this was really helpful!

  2. Thank you for the tips on the cold email template! It makes it easier to make the email personal, but effective!

  3. Thank you so much for this! This will totally help with the blogs I run!


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