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Stress Relievers: Tips To Tame Stress

Stress is very common these days. Even school going kids face a lot of stress too. The amount of homework they get. And the levels of difficulty they have to face in school is just off the charts. 

Stress in grownups is on peak too. With the pandemic going on, many have lost jobs. And it has become extremely difficult to pay bills. With the kids staying at home, too, even the sleep schedules are messed up. Managing kids and working together at the same time is a daunting task. All the parents reading this article may relate. 

Since the kids are home, it seems like a bad idea to consume medication for stress and anxiety. Since such medications contain sedative effects, it can prove to be dangerous if consumed with kids at home, especially babies, as they need surveillance all the time. They can't be left away at daycare, and neither can a babysitter come over, so it is essential to stay alert on your own. 

Luckily, we come bearing natural stress relievers today. This article is all about natural remedies regarding taking stress/depression and anxiety. Read through every tip and choose the one that suits you the best. Our advice is that you select and mix a few for better effects. Just like Batman works more efficiently with Robin around, these tips will work better together as well. 

    Get Some Sleep

    Sleep may be the best and easiest stress reliever ever. Ever heard of the phrase “sleep on it”? That’s an excellent idea. It is used for a reason. It is not uncommon for a person to be in a mood. Everyone has a bad day now and then. Sleeping on it calms you down. People always make better decisions with a fresh and well-slept mind. 

    Furthermore, lack of sleep can cause distribution in your mood. It can give you mood swings, anger issues, irritation, high levels of stress, and anxiety. Other than that, if it goes on for long enough, one can even get insomnia. You can always consume cbd gummy bears to regulate your sleep cycle.

    Set Up A Routine

    Set up a proper sleep schedule. Try going to bed at the same time every day. If it’s 10 or 11 pm, make it a lifelong habit. Sleeping at the same time every night will bring significant changes to your body and your overall lifestyle. Moreover, not sleeping on time may cause disturbed sleep. Now it is essential to focus on the quality of sleep rather than the quantity. Even though the doctors recommend 7-9 hours of sleep every night for every adult, good sleep matters more. 

    In addition to that, try sleeping in the cold and dark room. Especially women going through their period or menopause require a lower temperature. Therefore, draw your curtains and switch off your phones for a better night’s sleep.

    Stress management
    afternoon run


    Most of you probably know the benefits of exercise. When we workout, chemical endorphins are released in our brain. Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for the feeling of happiness and the boost of energy that we get when we exercise. 

    Exercise is good for our physical health, but it is extremely important for our mental health. Working out relieves our anxiety instantly. However, incorporating exercise into your daily routine will do wonders for your mental health and your body. 

    Try working out every day for at least 3-40 minutes. However, make sure that you do it first thing in the morning. Some people work out in the evening after they are done with all their usual tasks. Doing that, however, is not a good idea. Working out later in the day after office hours may drain your body out of energy completely. Exhaustion can result in anger, mood swings, and irritation, etc. 

    Keep A Journal

    The first recommendation will be to talk to a loved one. However, if you find it hard to talk to anyone in the friends or family and afford a therapist either, then get yourself a journal. A journal won’t judge you, will never blurt your secrets out, and will only listen as you write.

    Stay Socially Active

    When we get anxiety or depression, our first instinct is to cut off from the rest of the world to isolate. However, doing so is not recommended at all. Therefore keep in touch with friends and family. Connect with new people. 

    Since the current situations recommend staying inside and practicing social distancing, we always got social media. Try posting new photos, connect by commenting on other people’s photos: schedule phone and video calls with your friends and family. 

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are used everywhere around the world. They can help a lot when it comes to anxiety and pain. Essential oils contain many relaxing properties, which is why you will mostly get to sell them at spas and beauty salons. Below is the list of a few essential oils that can help relieve anxiety: 

    ● Lavender
    ● Sandalwood
    ● Rose
    ● Ylang Ylang
    ● Vetiver

    Using essential oils is easy. You can pour a few drops into the diffuser, add some to your bath, or buy bath products that already contain essential oils. 

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