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The New Normal Brings More Intimate Celebration

This pandemic taught me so many things and one of those is to value what I have and who I have on my side, and I bet, most of you agree on this. Life prior to covid-19 was all about being busy and taking things for granted because we thought that everything was within our favor. That life per se, was what we make it. But yeah, God made a little spin up there for us to setback, think and realize what matters most. 

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And so, big events were cancelled and was transformed into intimate celebration. A celebration for family members and limited to (very) close friends; an event, that most of the time because of social distancing and safety protocols, were attended of more or less 20 persons. Surprisingly, feedback from people who celebrated their big day had a wonderful experiences. The bride can still wear her chosen short or long sleeve wedding dresses, with all the glamor and sophistication as well as the groom with his tuxedo and or polish suit… but more than that, it was the utmost sincerity of the ceremony while being surrounded by the people that need not to be pleased, who will look after our being and welfare, who only wishes for the best for us. 

Thus, most of them of did this kind of celebration during this pandemic, including my close friend suggested that it was worth every moment to have it that way – limited people, intimate celebration. And now got me thinking, yes – it doesn’t matter how big or small the event is but what matter is, the love you have for each other and share the moment with the people who love and value us unconditionally. The celebration is more romantic, solemn and brings genuine happiness to every attendees. 

my friend's solemn wedding ceremony ♡

It seems that it will be the new normal – we can still opt for extravagant celebration and yet more amicable, cozy and close-knit celebration. Best wishes! 

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  1. This looks so fantastic! Thank you for sharing!


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