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Travel in the New Normal: Bound for Boracay Island Requirements (Updated!)

After a long time of staying at home and be in Metro Manila, finally, I was able to travel, with my friends. It is still pandemic and the virus is still around but with safety precautions and very good hygiene plus healthy immune system, I guess, everyone can travel as long as safety protocols are followed and able to comply with LGU’s requirements. I was thrilled and more than happy to know that Philippines’ tourism is slowly bouncing back and adapting to the new normal.

And since it is the new normal, traveling is not as easy as it was. Being spontaneous is not feasible these days but I am grateful that I can go on road trips and had my first plane trip since Feb 17, 2020 (almost 11 months!) bound for one of my favorite islands – Boracay Island.

Travel in the New Normal: Bound for Boracay Island Requirements

First thing first, what are the requirements needed for non-essential travelers or traveling for leisure bound for Boracay Island? To be honest, once you’re good with one major requirement, the rest will be easy-peasy. Darling, a NEGATIVE RT-PCR Result within 48-72 hours prior to your departure is the most important thing to accomplish. Anyhow, grab paper and pen to take note of this requirements as you embarks travel in the new normal; you may also screenshot, whichever is handy to you. More so, checkout Boracay Compass for more Boracay do's and don'ts and what to expect. 

    1. A Negative RT-PCR Result VaxCert 

    Every individual must undergo swab testing and should have a “Negative RT-PCR” result. The test cost from Php3,000 and up depends on how soon the result should come out. It is expensive though but we were glad that we got it for FREE; and here are the options on where to have swab testing from discounted price to free.

         1.1 NKTI (National Kidney and Transplant Institute)

         Php391 per person if you are an active Philhealth Member. No need for slot reservation as they only allow walk-ins. Schedules are 7AM to 10AM and 3PM to 5PM, Mondays to Saturdays; and 7AM to 10AM only on Sundays. Result will be available within 24-48 hours and you have to pick it up.

    VaxCert generated from; A negative RT-PCR result is required for those who are not fully vaccinated. 

    Travel in the New Normal: Bound for Boracay Island Requirements
    flower power puff girls. 


         UP-PGH for Php950 and PCMC for only Php750. You just have to comply with DOT requirements such as confirmed flight and hotel booking. The hospitals are the ones that will set you a schedule based on your flight details. Result will be sent via email after 24-48 hrs. To register, click here.

         1.3 Lakeshore Taguig City

        In partnership of Taguig City with Philippine Red Cross, we got tested for free. My friend, Effie posted the step-by-step details here

    2. Roundtrip Flight Details

    From/To Caticlan Airport or port is required.

    3. Confirmed DOT-Accredited Accommodation.

    Hotel or resort where you are staying should be DOT-accredited to avoid any hassle or delays. Check this list of accommodation.

    Once the first three requirements are completed you may now proceed in sending all the documents to Aklan’s LGU for them to issue a Tourist QR Code that will be used during your stay in Boracay Island.

    4. Tourist QR Code - 3 days before your flight!

    Final Step – Go to for the step-by-step process on how to send all the requirements.

    To add, install Traze App and register your details. Though, we haven’t use it but they asked if we do have the app so might as well, install prior to your flight.

    Please keep all your documents handy by storing it on your mobile, screenshot will do. By the way,  even though you submitted everything and you have your unique Tourist QR Code, there were instances that they checked the requirements one by one.

    There you have it! I hope this post help you to plan your getaway in paradise. The cerulean blue saltwater and fine white sand of Boracay Island is definitely waiting for you.

    Travel in the New Normal: Bound for Boracay Island Requirements
    at Station 1

    Always wear your mask and shield. And bring your sanitizer or alcohol handy so you can have it anytime, anywhere. Be a responsible traveler. Safe travels!

    P.S. Watch our Boracay Getaway in the new normal here.

    Travel in the New Normal: Bound for Boracay Island Requirements
    Boracay Island in the new normal.

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