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Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway

Truth to be told… whenever I travel, I usually plan my outfits especially if I am going to the beach. Well, as I was trying to pack light and still doing my best to do so – planning which and what sets of clothing I am going to wear is somehow helpful on deciding what to pack. One thing is for sure, I always choose comfort amongst all, it is the top priority. It has to be comfortable for me to freely move without worrying for wardrobe malfunction. Once top one priority is satisfied – I go for style and trendy and at the same time, affordable. Setting a budget for clothing is a must for me – the more savings I could get, the better and so, finding the best cheap clothing stores is my forte.

Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway
Black Island, Palawan

For this post – I am going to share with you some outfit ideas for that beach getaway that we are all been looking forward for this trying times.

    Maxi Dress

    I love wearing maxi dresses. They are my must have clothing whenever I travel because aside from its feminine aura – it is too comfy to wear. I like how flowy it is and the way it accentuates my curves – maxi dress can always achieve that effortless look literally and figuratively.

    Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway
    Narra Hill Tagaytay

    Cardigan, Kaftan or Kimono

    You can never go wrong having a colorful or flowery cardigan or kimono on top of swim wear. Albeit there are so many sexy swimsuits for women that I adore and sometimes, I paired them with bottoms in neutral. But in cases that I feel that I am extra sexy and just going to walk by the seashore – I will grab a kimono and wear on top of that swimsuits and I’m good to go.

    Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway
    Lakawon Island, Negros Occidental

    Long sleeves (in white)

    Or I must say, the boyfriend’s long sleeves. And yes, I gave an emphasis with the color. Since I do love neutrals nowadays, it is good to have one or two in your closet. Well, you can wear them definitely, on every occasion which includes a trip to an island.

    Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway
    Pico de Loro, Batangas

    Skirt or Trouser

    I also fancy skirt and trouser as much as I love maxi dress. It has something that would make any outfit to look classy and elegant and stylish without showing too much skin.

    Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway
    Boracay Island

    … and accessories (scarf, hat and sunglasses)

    Getting an added protection from UV rays is a must! I usually get sunburn despite of putting sunscreen. Ugh! So, by having scarf or hat (the bigger the better) that can give shade to my face is something that I wouldn’t forget to pack.

    Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway
    Daku Island, Siargao

    I hope I helped you with your outfit planning for your next beach getaway. Until next time.

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