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NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice

If there’s a brighter side that this pandemic has brought to this era, it is being conscious about our well-being, start living a healthy lifestyle and looking for ways to maintain. And so, when I was selected as one of the participants for 5KM Run for Rice as a celebration of the National Rice Awareness Month, I was so ecstatic to be part of it because 1) I wanted to encourage and influence everyone especially, my family and friends to start a healthy life. 2) I’ve been on a no-rice diet and I must say, it was not healthy in the long run and 3) as much as I wanted to help the small business by buying their products, I also want to help more people especially those who are doing their best to cope up in these trying times.

NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice
NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice

Nevertheless, rice is the No. 1 necessity that every household should have. The National Rice Awareness Month aims to increase awareness on rice to address issues on malnutrition and poverty – and this happens every November. Despite of the pandemic, the Department of Agriculture found ways on how to celebrate and bring awareness to the public by organizing a “5KM Run for Rice” campaign joined by 16 Filipino Social Media Advocates and Influencers who will share their personal thoughts and insights about the theme, “Be Riceponsibility Healthy” on our respective platforms.

As a response, I ensured that I packed my running outfits on my travels to make it more fun and entice everyone that being healthy and fit, with the right amount of discipline, is an easy-peasy thing to do, whenever and wherever you are. A habit that would bring a long-term benefit to our body, mind and soul. For me, running is a better way to clear mind, exhausted being and to distress, in general.

    In Metro Manila

    In a nutshell, Metro Manila is quite a chaotic place – traffic, noise pollution and all sort of pollutions – but I do love staying in the Metro. Why? Everything is in here – it might not be as calming as the places I have visited and want to visit but this place, burn the fuel to get me going, to be a dreamer and achiever. 

    NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice
    a typical route for an afternoon run when in Metro Manila

    And so, having a healthy lifestyle is quite a challenge as there are a lot of distractions. But then again, I would rather spend money on food and some leisure than with medicine – and so, I see to it that every other day, I would run or walk nearby. Greenfield District is my go-to place for that activity – open air, I can run and walk for 3 miles by passing through building blocks, parking, another block and repeat with a little slope in some parts – I would say, a better way to sweat.

    In Tuba, Benguet

    It is always nice to travel and be surrounded with like-minded people, everything was a breeze and smooth. When my friend and I went to Baguio (but would like to skip the crowd, hence we stayed in Tuba, Benguet (Sto.Tomas)), the first reminders that we had for each other – “bring running clothes and shoes” – it will be nice to run in a morning cool breeze with a city or mountain view.

    NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice
    the "morning cool breeze" run in Tuba, Benguet

    And so, we did! It was freezing cold at first that I, personally, just wanted to go back to sleep and be clingy with my comfy bed and warm sheet. Good thing, the desire to grab the opportunity of running in a different setting won the battle!

    NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice
    always choose to be healthy

    In Boracay Island

    It was an impromptu trip with my bff Marjorie of What’s good about spontaneous trip was that everything just go with the flow – no itineraries, no drama, and just an all-out fun. I do love the calmness of Puka Beach – it is not crowded and where I can really enjoy sunset and the beach. I asked Marj if we could have sunset at Puka Beach. She said yes without knowing that we will just walking going there. *wink* It is roughly 1.1 kms away from Belmont Hotel Boracay, where we’re staying and yes, it is walkable. Plus, it was a better way to see the other side of Boracay, right? Well, on our way back to the hotel – I also had some barbecues sold by the locals.

    NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice
    catching sunset at Puka Beach

    Hmmm… since you started your healthy slash fitness journey, what is next? 
    Hint: No-rice diet is a scam! You should enjoy eating rice, as what we, Filipinos, does! Stay tuned on how to be a Riceponsibility Healthy!

    NRAM 2021: The 5KM Run for Rice
    Of course, we can! 

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