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Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!

Been feeling so sluggish and weak these past few days because of the pain on my neck and shoulder. And whenever I am feeling that way, I will go for a comforting massage and voila, I felt relaxed and relieved after. However, after several days the pain will occurs again. So, I felt that there's something wrong on my neck, shoulder and around that area that needs to be addressed. To add, stiff neck was quite a normal thing for me. I've been meaning to try Chiropractic for so long but quite hesitant because 1) kind of afraid of what “ifs” running to my head... what if they are going to break my bone, what if the process went wrong, what if I was so stiff and blah blah blah; 2) I was having a hard time to trust someone. 😬

Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
Dr. Russel Johnson doing the Chiropractic Adjustment

Meanwhile, I have a friend (Hi, Erica!) who always go for chiropractic and was so ecstatic to know the process and of course, for recommendation - it was just that, my busy schedule didn't permitted me to really approached her for the basic know-how and whatnot. And so, when she sent me a message if I'm interested to try the services of Advance Chiropractic Clinic, I said yes, right away! I badly needed to be checked so that I can free myself from any pain around the problem areas. I work at night and sitting in front of the computer for eight hours, sometimes more hours, contributes on my-not-so-good posture as well as lack of sleep. I guess, stress is piling up hence, the muscle pain and spasm seems to be normal for me.

After several hours of traveling from Manila to Angeles, Pampanga, we were welcomed with the friendly staff of the clinic. But first thing first, what's Chiropractic and what is that for?

Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
the clinic's friendly staff with Dr. Russel


Chiropractic adjustment is a procedure in which trained specialists (chiropractors) use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. The goal of this procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve spinal motion and improve your body's physical function. (source here)

Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
Dr. Russel explaining the procedure.
Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
... and examining my posture.

Before anything else, I filled out the form, basic information and the important part – ticked the checkbox for the parts of the body and rating how severe the pain is (from 1-10). After doing so, an x-ray will be done and Doctor Russel Johnson explained the results and what seems to be the problem.

Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
it felt so good to hear those cracks! so refreshing sounds.

The exciting part - the twist and turn and the most amazing sound you could ever heard of - the cracks. It was like magic that I feel relieved after; I can moved my neck without any pain and my shoulder... it feels lighter!

Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
preparing for Cupping procedure

 Advance Chiropractic Clinic offers Chiropractic Adjustments, Advanced Stretching, Cupping, among others. Paul tried the Advanced Stretching and we both tried Cupping to have our muscles fully recovered from stress. Cupping is a therapy that promotes healing in the muscular system (same process of Ventosa). It increases blood flow, break up adhesions and recover sore and damaged muscles. And yes, I felt so much relaxed and even fell asleep during the process.

Advance Chiropractic: The crack that you need!
rejuvenated after 15 minutes! 


For more information visit Advance Chiropractic Clinic's website at or Facebook Page.

P.S. Stay tuned for the vlog. 😊

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