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Weekly Date Night Ideas

Weekly Date Night Ideas
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It's midweek but you want to take it easy and spend time with your S.O. or exclusive date. The thing is, you don’t know how. Somehow, you want something that can spice things up without breaking the bank. Check out some of our suggested ideas for a date night and see if there’s something that tickles your fancy.

    1. Cook for two.

    Want to spend time together but feeling too lazy to go out? Or maybe you want to try out that recipe you’ve been eyeing for quite some time but you’re hesitating for some reason. Now's the chance to get your culinary prowess to the test and create that signature dish, if you don’t have one yet. If you and your S.O. don’t have an idea or two how to work the stove, don’t worry. You can learn the ropes together. By doing this, your cooking spree can double as a great bonding experience as a couple. You can even stage a cook-off in the future if you’re up to the challenge. Check out these cooking recipe ideas if you want to stay at home but don’t know what to whip up yet.

    2. Throw in some dessert for good measure.

    Go get some desserts to cap the meal off. It doesn’t have to be the cheesiest cheesecake or the milkiest milk tea. Anything that can take the edge off your latest meal or something that can satisfy your sweet tooth will do. Here are some quick dessert ideas to get you started:

    • Icebox cookies 
     • Fruit salads
     • Cake pops 
     • Ice cream 
    • Churros 

    You’re on a diet but still want to satisfy your cravings for sweets? Not a problem!

    Why not try some guilt-free recipes online and see what works for you? It may not be as close to your favorite dessert as you would like but it will do instead of going for another “unexpected” cheat day.

    3. Get buzzed, but not wasted.

    Schedule a cocktail night at home if you’re feeling adventurous. Shop for some pica-picas that you think will pair well with your experimental drinks. Go wild and explore some interesting pairings. If you don’t have the time to look something up, a quick trip to the bar will do. Go for a bar that suits your vibe and drink the night away – er, moderately.

    4. Get a massage.

    Nothing beats capping off a stressful day with a gentle and relaxing massage. For an even more stress-free experience, book the appointment ahead so you don’t have to line up for hours to pamper yourselves. You’ll thank your past self for this favor and find yourself feeling energized and refreshed for the rest of the week.

    5. Listen to music and be in the moment.

    It doesn’t have to be listening per se. Throw in an additional activity or two while you’re playing your favorite tracks in the background. Listen to music while having homemade dinner. Listen to music while having a massage. Listen to music while preparing a snack for a cozy movie night. You get the drift – the possibilities are endless!

    6. Movie nights never go out of style.

    While this is not usually the best idea when you’ve just started going out, this is a great way to bond if you’ve been together for at least a few years. If you’re not a movie type of person, perhaps watching a series or two is a better choice. Just be careful that you don’t fall victim to the “marathon trap”. You might find yourself in a vicious cycle of going for another episode until you realize it’s the start of a new workday. Ugh.

    7. Set up a game night if you still have some energy reserves.

    Board games, arcade games, console games, sports, online games – it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re doing it together. You can either play co-op or go all out beating up each other in a mini competition. The point is for you guys to try something new in a not-so-familiar environment. This keeps things between you fun and interesting. It can even help you get to know a new side of each other that you never knew existed.

    8. If not, go for a walk.

    This seems like a really boring and tiring thing to do, but a little bit of light exercise can help clear your mind. What’s more, if you take a walk with your date, you’ll have a better chance of having a “proper conversation” with them. This helps you know them a little bit more – something that’s a good idea when you’re starting out or even when you’ve been together for years already.

    9. Drive around town.

    Risin gas prices aside, this is a great idea if you don’t usually find yourself stuck in endless traffic. Or maybe the traffic is a great way for you to strike up a meaningful conversation. You can talk about anything, really. Your date’s background, interests, and even dreams and aspirations, if you dare. It may sound cheesy but it’s one good way to build a good foundation – by knowing them a little bit more. If you’re heading towards the weekend, maybe drive outside town. Get some food and drinks ready, buckle up, and go see the stars! With a little output from your partner and a big joint imagination, you can make this simple date idea a blast.

    10. Feeling sporty but running out of energy? Watch a game instead.

    It's a win-win, actually: You have that chance to take your date out to a different scene and feel the thrill. The best part? You don’t have to get out there and break a sweat. Do some light research if your partner is excited to see the game and you don’t have the slightest idea what’s it about. Neither of you don’t have an inkling of what the game’s about but just want to see what the deal is up close? That’s an even better opportunity for you to learn together. You can discover more about the game and even take more interest in it in the future. No matter what you eventually decide upon, don’t stress out too much on the tiniest details and just enjoy the entire experience.

    11. Put down your phones and make it a game.

    You can’t focus on the other person beside you if you have your eyes and hands glued to your beloved gadget. Remember, you’re spending your time with them to form a relationship, not to put them up as a display. In this regard, why not really spend time together and have an uninterrupted one-on-one time?

    If you’re having some phone sepanx, gradually wean yourselves from the gadget. Initially set the timer to 5 minutes of no phones, 10 minutes, and so on. Enforce a social distancing protocol of sorts from all your gadgets while you’re at it.

    You win if you endure the torture that’s not having your phone in your hands while your partner does the opposite. The loser gets the winner a treat. Were you able to pick one date night idea to try this week? Hopefully, this guide gave you fun ways to do trial and error in spending time with your other half. After all, relationships are built on different experiences done separately but more importantly, together.

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