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Airport Chronicles: Things to do while waiting for the flight.
checking out games at website

With the new normal, it is mandatory to be at the airport 3 or 4 hours prior to the flight time because of the added protocols for everyone’s health safety prior to check-in and boarding. Albeit, waiting for longer hours while waiting to get onboard is something that we, well, for my friends and I, get bored with and sometimes, the less productive and tiring part of the trip. Though, "playing online games" is always on my to-do whenever I have spare time to kill, I listed here some things to do while waiting for that most-awaited “boarding call” – here we go!

    Play Games

    Playing online games is one of the things we love to do, especially, if we were on a competition. Indeed, it’s a boredom-killer and kept us occupied for some time. Creativity also flows in whenever we were in the lookout for a better game that we could start with and sportily fight each other through our mobiles and tip of our fingers, and just laugh our heart out for the fun battles after – board games always our go to, by the way! Also, it is kids games so kid-friendly that we don’t have to worry if someone (even a kid!) was sneaking on our screen.

    Learn the language

    Google translate or YouTube would be your best ally! Whenever, I go somewhere else where Tagalog or English is not the first language, I tend to checkout some basic phares such as “Good morning/evening,” “Thank you,” “How are you,” “Yes,” “No,” among others. I like and love saying “Thank you” or greeting someone whenever necessary and so knowing how to speak these words at place’s local language is something that I always look forward for. Hmmm… to add, it connotes being friendly.

    Read a book

    This one never gets old. Having a book handy to read anytime, anywhere is something I would do whenever I have some free time to do so. I like learning and be motivated from my reading – it keeps me going, it fuels my soul to do more – I love it!

    Talk and make new friends

    Or strangers, if travelling alone. I like talking to my friends and talk random stuff with them; it’s our way of entertaining each other. We shared silly jokes, funny experiences or even people watching and look out for potential person that can be a friend! It doesn’t hurt to talk to stranger and be friendly at all. Who knows, you have same interests and clicked in a snap! It could be fun, for sure!

    People Watching

    Sometimes, it is so nice to just sit down and see what other people are doing. In some cases, I do like people watching and observe what and how they do certain things that caught my attention. Most of the time, I fancy those people who can kept themselves busy and composed regardless of the situation – seeing other people’s behavior and reaction on some sort of scenes are real-life lessons to be mindful about.

    And there you have it! Some of the airport chronicles that I can see myself doing while waiting to get on board and would probably, keep my occupied while waiting. Have a safe travel, darlings!

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