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Proactiv+ Green Tea Moisturizer

October 24, 2016 0
Consistency is the key to achieve great result. Thus, in taking care of our skin, we also should be religiously following the steps in ord...

[Beauty] - Have a Healthy and Glowing Skin with JERGENS® and Araneta Center

August 10, 2015 0
As I grow older, taking care of my skin to make it and maintain it soft, smooth and youthful is part of my daily routine. Religiously app...

Rock Your Summer Look with Jergens®

April 06, 2015 0
Summer is here! Absolutely! Because of the heat, us, women are just tempted to wear something light and easy, but there is the probl...

Get Protected Under the Sun

June 07, 2014 0
Always wear sunscreen and wash your makeup off at night. -Gail Simmons- Few years ago I’ve learned that sunscreens play an imp...

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