My much needed “me-time” at Blossom Floral Spa

“Me-time” means spending a moment with myself to rejuvenate and relax. Having an eight hours job every day for 5 days is quite stressful and energy sucker! I’m not complaining though ‘coz it is still a good paying job that supports my living. Thus, most of my “me-time” spent at spa – facial, massage, manicure & pedicure, scrub, foot spa and everything in between that a certain spa could offer. Well, I guess, it is more of taking care of my body more than anything else. Plus, I am not getting any younger anymore so pampering through indulging myself in the luxury of spa services could, somehow, makes me feel and look younger than my age. I hope so!

friendly staffs and beautiful stuff
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Blossom Floral Spa

Meanwhile, when Mommy Lariza, a blogger friend, invited me over to a SPArty I said YES immediately. It’s a chance also for me to try other spa that could also provide same services commercialized spa offers. Plus, the idea to be pampered on a spa located in a residential place can give a home-y, relax, and serene vibe which I always aim for. Well, I am talking about the Blossom Floral Spa located at 103 Maginhawa Street Teachers Village, Quezon City. Opened last quarter of the year 2013, month of November to be exact, this spa already created a buzz among students of nearby schools like UP, Ateneo and Miriam University and of course to the neighborhood.

mother - daughter bonding, Thanks Mommy Lariza!

Luckily, I got a chance to be pampered their too! Love the awesome experience. Upon entering the spa, the cheerful staffs greeted me with a warm welcome. I love the chic and sophisticated interior design, the flower ceramic chandelier which was imported from Thailand and cost at around P80K+ adds a certain level of elegance. And yes! From there, I knew already that I was in good hands and I’ll be having the much needed “me-time” at its finest.

After some reminders and briefing, I headed to the restroom to change my clothes, I’ll be having an Aloe Vera body scrub, which would get rid of my dead skin. And since mosquitoes attacked me days before that and left an annoying marks, I couldn’t ask for anything but have body scrub, it was a 2-in-1 service for me because it’s like scrubbing can have an instant massage, too. Ha-ha.

selfie after changing clothes, pink robe, eh!

Furthermore, Blossom Floral Spa is the only spa within the area that has Sauna. You read it right! So, if you want to sweat and get rid of excess water in your body, then you can have it for as low as P50-100+. Having sauna before massage is also advisable.

sauna room

Now, I am ready for my much awaited body scrub. More so, this giant wall décor which is also imported from Thailand caught my attention. I adore that details and of course, the gold! Hmm… now I am thinking already on which spa to franchise (Blossom Floral Spa is open for franchising for only P300k+ having that décor and ceramic chandelier as part of package.) as part of my early retirement plan.

room perfect for barkada and couples as well
my favorite corner! do I need to say more?

Additionally, they also offer to all clients a one of a kind tea, yeah imported too, called as Moringa Tea. It was refreshing and soothing tea, a perfect match while having manicure and pedicure and seating on their comfy and chic sofas and couches after the revitalizing massage and body scrub. I also had pedicure but just cleaning ‘coz I need my nails to take break from colours. But I assure you they have a wide array of colours that would surely boost up your happy mood.

Beautiful landscape and pieces outside, mostly from Thailand

To sum it up, it was a fun and splendid SPArty! I had a great time and having a soft and supple skin after the body scrub was achieved. Hooray for that! Will I go there again? ABSOLUTELY YES! Their services are way more affordable. The ambiance is home-y and posh. Well, the quiet neighbourhood is what I liked the most. Oh by the way, there is no overpowering smell of spa thus looking good, calm and refreshed will not give a hint  to others that you just came out from spa. So, if you’re planning to be pampered first going to an event, gathering or whatnot then better head first to Blossom Floral Spa and let them do the wonders. (“ ,) Thank you Blossom Floral Spa for a superb "me-time".

Blossom Floral Spa
103 Maginhawa Street Teachers Village
1111 Quezon City, Philippines
Opens from Mon-Sun 12 PM – 12 AM

For Reservations and Inquiries Call: 632-3302291 | 632-3302290
Or E-mail: |
For more details like rates and promos, visit Blossom Floral Spa accounts – Website | Facebook

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