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Behold BATAAN Tour Packages

8/15/2018 09:15:00 PM 0
It was past three in the morning when we headed to Clark coming from Makati. The rain was pouring badly hard, the way it fell soun...

High-Quality Yoga Pants Under $20

7/30/2018 07:34:00 PM 0
You can find hundreds of brands of yoga pants in the market today but which one of them are reliable and worth the price? Well, tha...

Bohol – Cebu Summer Getaway with the Family + 5D/4N Itinerary

7/30/2018 04:01:00 PM 0
The family’s last summer hurrah was spent in Bohol and Cebu . Few weeks before the start of class, I booked a flight for the fami...

Fight Melasma and Other Skin Problems with PYNOCARE

7/22/2018 10:30:00 PM 0
Gone are the days that having a skin imperfection like acne scars, dark spots, melasma, and among others were such a hindrance in...

BSoul: Beautiful without makeup!

7/18/2018 10:25:00 AM 0
Not all women are capable and able to apply makeup. Not because they can’t afford buying one but in most cases, having a sensitive...

Kila Infinity8 Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

7/15/2018 03:50:00 PM 0
Because the goal was to have a relaxing vacation in Bali , Indonesia , we opted for a modern and comfortable accommodation that wo...

Weekend Family Fun at Poracay Resort

7/07/2018 05:20:00 AM 0
When the universe showers me of opportunities to travel and explore the world, I felt and will always feel grateful and lucky tha...

A quick update!

7/07/2018 01:36:00 AM 0
I realized that being busy is just an excuse because if you want something, you will make time to get it. I've been in hiatus fo...

GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL Celebrates “World Gin Day”

6/20/2018 02:32:00 PM 0
Love for gin is something that the Philippines shares in common with the world and for 184 years, Filipinos have been enjoying the...

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