Rodney S. Martinez Exhibition at Prism Gallery Manila

In most cases, certain things does happen the way you react on it. So, if you're always looking on the brighter side, then most likely a positive vibe will be yours. With that having said, I would like to introduce to you ladies and gentlemen, the discovery that I had have experience during my visit at the Prism Gallery Manila located in G/F Island Tower Condominium, 239 Salcedo St., Makati City last Friday, April 8, 2016.
That was the opening and ribbon cutting of a multi-awarded artist Rodney S. Martinez' exhibit at Prism Gallery Manila. Born on December 18, 1939 in Ponteverda, Negros Occidental and graduated from University of Sto. Tomas, Rodney Martinez has a clear vision of his childhood memories in the said province that turns out to a good composition with a vibrant and fond memories of a child. Creations that created a new dimension of how good, happy and yet simple life it was living in a place sorrounded with the gift of mother nature and above all with our creator, God.

"Dream Haven" is on the upper right corner

During our small talk, i can sense and feel the cheerful days of Rodney at his hometown. His eyes glare with blissfulness as he shares his childhood that turns out to be a beautiful canvass. One of my favorite, "Dream Haven," wherein two kids were standing and looking on the vastness of beauty the nature bestowed upon them. The different hues of green and blue that deals with peacefulness. This reminds me of how I wanted to live my life - calm and yet it connotes a never-ending opportunity that life has to offer. That I should continue to dream and work hard to attain it, that by looking beyond a certain area, there's always a room for infinite beauty! And now, this makes me to dream more, work harder, and be an achiever.

 Rodney S. Martinez


Rodney Martinez, also shares that throughtout practice, things can be beautifully created. He never stop doing his passion, thus, a handful wonderful paintings were produced and sold out across the country. Well, his works were incredible and I, myself is looking forward on owning one of his masterpieces.

"Sweet Horizon" and "Sweet Horizon 2"

"Sweet Horizons" is also my second favorite on which one of Rodney's favorites, too. The pastel colors, composition, texture, ambiance and the painting itself tells how amazing life is. For me, it has a positive aura that can turns your bad day into a good one just by looking at it. The way it transforms my mood into a lighter one is telling me on how pretty amazing life is. That somewhere up there, there's always something worth to be discovered. A haven that just waiting for me to explore.

Now, I am becoming to be a dreamer and be enthusiastic on making those dreams to become reality, that to grab an opportunity landed on my hands as what the fate brings is an awesome decision. That life is a collection of memories and collecting good memories as much as I can is one the best-ever decision I could make in my life. And these good memories are the wonderful thoughts that I could share to many to empower them and make their lives even more meaningful. Thank you Sir Rodney Martinez for your time ansd for sharing good vibes around the globe.

me and Sir Rodney

For more information about the exhibit such as schedule, price and art exhibition, please contact Prism Gallery Manila on Facebook or call at (02) 886 3947.
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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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