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Pasalubong From Hongkong

My officemate which became my friend and his family travel to Hongkong last week. 
And here the pics of what I got from them as my pasalubongs. :)

Toblerone small bites, nailcutter keychain and a magnetic picturesque of Hongkong.

A Hongkong Magnetic picturesque that suited on my desk because I need to post some calendar for my daily task schedule at the office.

A nail-cutter key chain for my boyfriend which happens to be a can opener also. Wow, Dual-purpose. Well, this one really belongs to him because of their occasionally drinking sessions. :)

 And of course, something that i really look forward for every pasalubong that i will received. Chocolates! Lots of Chocolates! As part of their pasalubong to me, they include a  three variety of Toblerone Chocolates, -- original, dark, and milk. yummy!  :)

Thanks for the Pasalubongs!

Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,

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