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TimTam Slam

Let's talk about chocolates. One of my favorite and love to eat is chocolates! No matter what is that as long as it is chocolates, i will surely grab one.

My boyfriend gave me a TimTam chocolate fresh from Australia because his Aunt's and Lola came home after a long years of stay in Australia to celebrate Lola's 93rd birthday (i will also blog that event as soon as possible) here in the Philippines. For now, let's talk about TimTam and the Timtam Slam

Tim Tams are a chocolate biscuit made by Arnott's Biscuits, Australia. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.

The Tim Tam Slam is the practice of drinking a hot beverage, e.g. hot chocolate, through a Tim Tam.

I prefer to used hot chocolate everytime i did the TimTam Slam.

Here's the Process of having a great TimTam Slam:

Opposite corners of the Tim Tam are bitten off, one end is submerged in the drink, and the drink sucked  through the biscuit. The crisp inside biscuit is softened and the outer chocolate coating begins to melt.

Ideally, the inside of the biscuit should collapse but the outside should remain intact long enough for the liquid to reach the mouth. Refrigerating them helps to preserve the outside coating while allowing the inside of the biscuit to melt. 


The thicker chocolate coating on the Double Coat Tim Tam offers a more stable structure to prevent a premature collapse. The caramel centre of the Chewy Caramel variety helps to hold the biscuit together for a slightly longer time.

Have a great TimTam Slam!

Till Next Time!
Happy Readings :)

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