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so Japanese.. so Teriyaki Boy!

Me and Paul spent our weekend together, we go to Sunnex Warehouse to buy some baking stuff for Ma'am M, after that we headed to Greenhills to look for some good buys, but that time I was not in the food to go shopping (maybe because i don't have any cash on my pocket and wallet to sustain my shopping spree.. **wink** ). A tired feet caused by a long walked inside Greenhills made us to look for a fine dining setting restaurant to made us feel relax. After an argument on where to it, we landed to Teriyaki Boy Resto (found in Promenade), time to go for Japanese foods. =). 

Here's the foods that we have ordered:

Philly Cheese

BBQ Tori Karaage

Beef Teppanyaki

After a very satisfied and solved dinner we go to chill at Starbucks (oh well, another 2 stickers for my planner =)) to sip coffee and chitchat for a while. 

What a wonderful life I have, I am so blessed!

Always be HAPPY :-)
Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,

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  1. since i don't eat anything raw, i'd always go here just for the mabo tofu, t-boy chicken and wafu steak.


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