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01242011 | Food of the Day!

Here's my second post about the food for the day! ha-ha. These foods were Ate Pi, Jamie and Mine's packed lunch. These foods were from our home, cooked by our loving and caring mothers.

Ate Pi's Packed-Lunch -- Menudo and Bicol Express


Jamie's Packed-Lunch -- Fish with Garlic and Fish Tofu

Fish with Garlic

Fish with Tofu

Mine's Packed-Lunch -- Ginataang Dahon ng Kamoteng-Kahoy

Ginataang Dahon ng Kamoteng-Kahoy

That's our food of the day! We love to bring our packed lunch because of the reasons: 
1. We are much loved by our mother at our age we still have the lunch cooked and packed by them for us to eat. ♥  
2. It is 100% healthy. and 
3. It's a great SAVINGS for us. ha-ha.

Till Next Time,

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