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Weekend with P!

It's been a  week! And I love weekends because it is the time for our bonding moment of P! =) I almost forgot that tomorrow, we were 26 months old being in a relationship. Tra-la-la-la. ♥ ♥ ♥

Today, we planned to have a quality time together, meeting on a place we were used to meet before when we are officially dating -- in Robinson's Galleria. Our call time was 4:00 pm but due to the rains that pours unexpectedly that caused floods along our ways, he was late. To prevent from getting bored of waiting I go to Laybare to do some waxing on my underarms and then to Kamiseta to shop for something (i will  be posting my kamiseta haul probably within the following week since i don't have a photo of them as of now -- laziness strikes again =)) because they are still on SALE. 

When he arrived we go to Greenhills to shop for more. =)  He wanted to buy some casual shorts, vans, and xd card for the Olympus digicam. Unfortunately, there was no vans shoes that he looked for. He bought shorts and boyfriend' shirt for me. =)

After the many walks and turns. we ended to Starbucks -- Promenade Greenhills, to chill for a moment and to recharge our energy.

Non-flour Chocolate Brownie

Mocha Frap and Green Tea Frap
These fraps and brownie were good foods and drinks to chill and relax after a shopping galore and replaced lost energy.

It's been a good day for us. A bonding moment, sharing what we had for a week, personal, family, friends and works update. Happy to have someone who always wanted to be with me through ups and down. Thanks P! and Thanks God for all the blessings.

And oops, before I ended up my writings today, i wanted to share to all my fellow readers and followers my attempt of LOOK OF THE DAY (LOTD).

Top from Marithe Francois Girbaud
Cardigan from RedGirl
Belt from Genevieve Gozum
Short from Penshoppe
Flats from The Ramp
Accesories -- Gold Necklace with Heart Pendant (Kuya's Gift from Japan), Bangles (Thrifted), Watch (Swatch)

Thanks for Reading my blog. =)
Have a Blessed Day and Be Happy!

Till Next Time,

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