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Oyster Forest Life Resort - Tagaytay

January 11, 2017 2
When in pantry, I and the team always planning on where are we going, traveling up north or down south, by land, by sea or via plane...

… Of planning and dreaming!

January 04, 2015 1
Finally, I got my 2 nd Starbucks planner that I will use for my personal goals and plans. 2014 was good to me, there were ups and down...

InstaFood: Sundate Chill

January 12, 2014 0
#CBTL & #Starbucks. His and Her. Got the latter one due to stickers, but for the taste sake, I love #CBTL. #afternoontreat #Sundate | f...

Saturday Afternoon Delights

December 29, 2013 0
P and I love sweets so much, thus, having and trying different variants of sweets is something that we could say, normal to us. Yani gifted ...

It’s Monday! It’s Happy Hour!

May 07, 2012 1
Aloha! It’s Monday once again. So, better start the week right and full of positivity else your week will be a nightmare. Today, I started t...

Starbucks Cheer Party 2011

November 21, 2011 4
Starbucks one way of spreading love and spreading the spirit of Christmas is through Cheer Party. Starbucks held a couple of hour to have ...

Starbucks’ Cake Pops

September 11, 2011 3
Having cakes on the go is a mess because it will be gross if you spill the cake on your shirt. But not nowadays, because Starbucks created t...

Starbucks: Soy Green Tea Frappucino

May 27, 2011 7
What is new in Starbucks? Aside from the 5 Cheese Turnover, they have this Soy Green Tea Frappucino ! For those Green Tea lovers, this one f...

Starbucks: Mango Cream Pie, Java Chip Frap and White Chocolate Mocha

May 18, 2011 2
P and I went to Greenhills last Saturday to watch FastFive. FastFive is such an epic movie, P and I really enjoyed the movie. After we have ...

Starbucks: Oreo Cheesecake

May 11, 2011 3
Oreo Cheesecake So chocolate-y cheese-y cake from Starbucks! Till Next Time, Aylin

Weekend with P!

January 23, 2011 0
It's been a  week! And I love weekends because it is the time for our bonding moment of P! =) I almost forgot that tomorrow, we were 26 ...

Starbucks Planner 2011 is finally on our Hands

December 01, 2010 0
Yihee.. after of too much drinking of coffee just to fill in the 17 stickers needed for the Planner, finally we had it on our bare hands.. y...

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