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Starbucks’ Cake Pops

Having cakes on the go is a mess because it will be gross if you spill the cake on your shirt. But not nowadays, because Starbucks created their new delectable treat for us – the CAKE POP. The Cake Pop, a delicious, whimsical and fun cake on a stick. For the sweet tooth out there like me, here’s our new dessert that we can eat on the go. 
The flavours only differ on the outer shelf and all of them have a mud cake on the inner part. Moist, sumptuous and soooo yummy!



  1. wow. when did starbucks start selling those? two weeks ago I was at one branch and I did not see them.

  2. They launched these cake pops last March 2011, and most of the times they are already sold out.

  3. you're my food enabler!
    i'm so craving... uggh


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