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TRAVELOG: Visiting Laguna’s Historical Places and Beyond

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

I see to it that once a year I travel. Traveling serves as a reward for all the hard works I did throughout the year. Meanwhile, when I entered the world of blogging, places seems to be within reach. Like visiting friend’s place or covering an out-of-town events, eating here and there, and most of the time going out with them. It’s such a pleasurable hobby that I can’t resist and I am happy with it. Discovering things and learn something from one’s culture. 

And where I am last Sunday, on the 20th of May? Kuya Ruel with wifey Ate Jinkee toured us (Ailes and I, because some of the TRT are not available) at their hometown - Laguna. It was like an educational field trip and it was an awesome experience to revisit once again, after more than a decade, the places I have been to during our school educational field trip when I was in grade school. And of course, change really does exist because Laguna looked new to me. We’ve been to Jose Rizal House, Jose Rizal biggest Monument, the historical Banga, St. John the Baptist Church and Laguna Bay at Calamba; Laguna Hot Spring at Pansol; Isdaan at Calauan; UP Los Baños Football Field at Los Baños. It was a day full of fun and new learning.

Ailes and I agreed to meet up as early as 5:30am. From Buendia LRT, we went to DLTB bus terminal and ride the bus going to Sta.Cruz, Laguna. The fare is about P70 going to SM Calamba. But if you tell to the conductor that you are a “CALAMBA REGULAR” then a discount could be yours. We did, that’s why we only pay P63 for our fare going to SM Calamba. SM Calamba is one of the milestones Laguna had and we agreed that Kuya Ruel and Ate Jinkee will fetch us there. From there, our journey to Laguna begins. 

The Road Trip within Laguna – of historical places and beyond!

Jose Rizal House (Calamba). A visit to JOSE “Pepe” RIZAL house is full of history and educational, too. Just to give a little background for the sake of my international readers, our National Hero (Philippines) and pride of the Malayan race, was born on June 19, 1861, in the town of Calamba, Laguna. He was the seventh child in a family of 11 children (2 boys and 9 girls). Both his parents were educated and belonged to well-known families.
You may see in the photo above that the Rizal’s Residence looks like a new house (I guess renovation throughout the decades is needed in order to preserve the house so that the next generations are still able to see and visit and look what Jose Rizal’s home look like), it is not the usual antique or an old house painted in a pale-white or dirty-white, however the history on each corner of the house still remains.
And this “Bahay Kubo” is where little Pepe used to play together with his siblings.
And here are the things you’ll see inside the house. 
Moreover, for accessories-lover like me you may also find and buy something stylish as a souvenir item like these.

Banga (Calamba). One of the tourists spot in Calamba is the “Banga” (clay water jar) located in the middle of the city plaza. You’ll notice the words written on the surface, these are the names of the barangays of Calamba engraved on the pot that serves as the town’s symbol. Early settler said that the name “Calamba” is came from this jar known as “Banga” that’s why it is placed in the middle of the city plaza and can be viewed from Rizal’s house window.

St. John the Baptist Church (Calamba). This is the church where Jose Rizal got christened. He was baptized on July 22, 1861 by Father Rufino Collantes and Father Pedro Casañas as his godfather. 

Laguna Bay (Calamba). Well, if you are going to Rizal, Laguna Bay is the fastest way to get there. The government developed the place so it will become pleasing to the eyes of the visitors. However, when the typhoon “Ondoy” hits the town, some of the fence got damaged. 

Laguna Hot Spring (Pansol). Oh.. la.. la.. Most of our team buildings and friends’ getaway or when the boys have some “projects” to do, Pansol is one of the place we considered. We were just renting a private pool for us to stay and enjoy the hot spring of Laguna. However, this was the first time I has been to Laguna Hot Spring. I just thought that this place is just for the oldies that wanted to have a massage over the hot spring water because P’s Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles and his Grandmother always going to Laguna Hot Spring whenever they are here in the Philippines because they enjoy the massage and the hot spring water. Well, I was in awe when I saw the chocolate-y water (because the water is color brown). And of course, I also tried there super relaxing and affordable massage for only P150 per 30 minutes and Entrance Fee is for only P50. Moreover, a free fish spa is also available. Yay!

Isdaan (Calauan). This huge floating restaurant owned by Ongpauco Family, who also owns Barrio Fiesta Restaurant is not just good for great dining experience but also good for recreations and family bonding especially those has kids - from eating to photo-ops to riding a boat (if you ride a boat you have to give a compulsory P20 tip to the bangkero). We haven’t had the chance to eat here because of the long queue for the table though. Looking forward to visit here again and taste the food.
What I'm wearing: polo dress from greenhills | green wallet from landmark
sunglasses from a'postrophe | pink flip-flops from havaianas

UP Los Baños Football Field (Los Baños). An afternoon walk or jogging is good to be spent here, a big football field that really fits on an outdoor activity. Well I guess, this could be a nice place for lovebirds since I spotted couples here.

Jose Rizal biggest Monument (Calamba). And last but not the least; we passed by at Jose Rizal biggest monument at Calamba before Kuya Ruel and Ate Jinkee sending us to bus terminal. As far as I know, most of celebrations in lieu of Rizal are celebrated here.

Wow! What a day, loaded of history, beautiful creations of mother earth and creative output beyond imagination of man’s thinking! This is just simply amazing! An adventure worth to remember!

Have a Blessed Sunday! 
See Yah!


  1. Happy day!! Wish I could visit these historical places in too. Buti may watermark ka na. (=

  2. i have visited jose rizals place in laguna for several times and still the ancestors house is still kept clean and full of life til now. Hotspring resort still in that color even when i was young then my family and relatives often visit this hotsping resort, but the new resort in laguna i haven't visited yet, maybe in time i will visit that coz it looks so nice..

  3. waaa! I've never been to isdaan ng umaga! puro gabi ang bisita namin. maganda pala! hehe. but i love their food there.

    did you know there's a mini-hot spring sa side lang ng laguna de bay? access din via los banos? :) seryosong natural hot spring talaga.

  4. I didn't have the chance to tour Laguna since lagi kaming pumupunta sa Laguna just for barkada and family outings. But some time soon, I'll set a trip to immerse in the rich history and culture naman.. :) Of course, I'll try to eat at Isdaan too.. ^^

  5. Hindi pa me nakarating ng Laguna, but based on ur post and the pics my god ang dami palang pwedeng puntahan at gawin sa Laguna. I think it's a must see place in Phil... Love Ur Blog Format ang ganda!!!

  6. There's an Isdaan pala in Laguna. I love Isdaan in Tarlac. Great photos by the way.

  7. Me thinks I've been to Rizal's residence during one of our field trips in grade school (tagal na, LOL), and it does look so new now!

  8. Rizal's House palang ang napupuntahan ko sa Laguna.. Sarap malaman ang ilang detalye tungkol sa kanya..:)

    Wow! Isdaan?.. gusto ko syang puntahan.. hehehe..

  9. the kalan reminds me of my grandmother.kakamiss ding magpaapoy using wood.I have been to Rizal's ancestral home and it is really properly maintained for public viewing

  10. Wow, ang ganda ng mga kuha mong litrato... anong gamit mong camera? wow... I hope na makapunta ako ng Laguna.....

  11. Theres a lot to explore in Laguna. I studied in UPLB for three years but I havent had the chance to visit those other places youve been. Cool photos. I love them all. :)

  12. Reminds me of educational tours during my high school and college years too! Thanks for sharing this. I haven't been to any of these but this gives me an idea where to bring my friends who are coming to Manila in the next few weeks. :)

  13. So jealous of people traveling this summer! :( Nakakainggit ang pics. TT Buti u had fun :D

  14. There's isadaan narin pala in Laguna. I love isdaan. I miss touring Laguna.

  15. I always wanted to visit Rizal's ancestral home, i've heard lots of great stories there. Kaso, I was a bit disappointed when they painted it though. I think it's unnecessary.

  16. been to calamba many times pero indi q pa napuntahan bhay ng mga rizal mas nauna q pa ma visit ang bahay ni rizal sa dapitan:) sarap mgtravel sa Pinas:)

  17. There are many beautiful historical places in Laguna. In Calamba, it is proven that this city is rich in history. I will go there one of these days in order to complete my Laguna adventure. Therefore, try to visit the Laguna Loop starting from Victoria to Majayjay until you reach Mabitac.

  18. i love and collect teapots! grabe, nainggit ako sa kaluma-an ng teapots pero magaganda pa rin :O

  19. Oh Posh! every photo is a taker..
    Laguna is really rich!

  20. The only place that I could recall that I've been to is the hot spring with my family. There's so much more to explore :)

  21. Excellent shots you have here and I love how you captured the photos. You successfully highlighted the beauty and appeal of Laguna's historical places.

  22. This place in Laguna is really nice and awesome. I wish I could see those places in personal and take a picture of them. I am glad I found your blog and because of it I could see the beauty of Laguna. Thanks for sharing I love this place:).


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