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It’s Monday! It’s Happy Hour!

Aloha! It’s Monday once again. So, better start the week right and full of positivity else your week will be a nightmare. Today, I started the day productively, done with one event (watch for it to be posted soon).

After our event my good friends Marj, Beda and I stay at Starbucks, 6750 Ayala branch to catch up on our beautiful and colorful lives. And of course, It’s Monday, a Happy Hour once again for Starbucks, wherein all Frappuccino are 50% off from 2pm-6pm

Having a good talk, a good laugh, a good conversation over a venti of Caramel Frappuccino is such a heartwarming and encouraging day to start the week with a good vibes. (Well.. my two girls are QA-ing my writing for I may write the censored part they are talking to.) Ha-ha. 

x Caramel Frappuccino x
x Starbucks Ceiling x
x yours truly with my frap x
x my friend Marj x
x my friend Beda x

Start the week right! Have a Happy Monday and Happy Hour!

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  1. Happy hourS talaga! We also enjoyed it w/ Starbucks :)

    Hope you're having a great week. God bless!


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