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Saturday Afternoon Delights

P and I love sweets so much, thus, having and trying different variants of sweets is something that we could say, normal to us. Yani gifted me a different flavours of Kitkat, well, I already did tasted the Green Tea and we love it since P and I also into teas, so the others are such an adventure yet to try. Well, so far so good.

Meanwhile, I already crossed out Starbucks on my lifestyle not because I don’t like it but more likely because I wanted to save up already, let’s admit it, it’s costly. Thus, having P180 savings everyday would mean so much to me. However, since I collect Starbucks Planner, it is time of the year that I have to indulge myself with their expensive coffees for me to accomplish the 2014 planner. So far I still need 5 more stickers (1 holiday edition and 4 normal drinks), friends where are thou? Can we meet and chat over Starbucks coffee? Lol. No, I’m serious. Please help me, 5 more stickers and voila, a planner will be mine. *wink* Of course, you’ll make me happy by doing so!

Happy Holidays!

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