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… Of planning and dreaming!

Finally, I got my 2nd Starbucks planner that I will use for my personal goals and plans. 2014 was good to me, there were ups and downs but still, I was able to conquer those trials and celebrated victories. Life has indeed a lot of surprises! I ended up 2014 with a bang – attending friend’s wedding held in Batangas, PH and got a salary alignment which was effective January 1st. I couldn’t ask for more but to THANK Papa Jesus for always showering me with blessings and love. Thank you Papa God.

And yet, I still have goals and dreams that I wanted to accomplish this year. I am looking forward for more sponsored travels to come as it is brings new ideas, widen my perceptions, gives me an inner joy and peace. Aside from that, I am also aiming to own a condo unit or a house and lot as an investment somewhere in Taft or near Makati’s Central Business District or wherever the market it, a car for my personal use and to pay my debts and get more investments so I can also help others. This year, I wanted to accomplish more of financial freedom as I will also start saving for my Emergency Fund.

So, this year I will be a bit frugal for me to able to accomplish this things! Please, guide me Papa Jesus.

Meanwhile, I choose color GREEN for this year as it is a lucky color and it connotes money. Ha-ha. Well, I already claiming that 2015 will be much better to me. Now, I am excited to work – corporate and blog – to achieve my goals and turns my dreams to reality.

P.S. An eye check-up for me and perhaps to undergo Lasik treatment is also on my list. Happy New Year! Have a blessed Sunday, Loves!

2015 Starbucks Planner

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