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Culture Change

Howdy Guys and Gals! Apologies if I’ve been in hiatus. Work life seems to be busy and I’ve been adjusting to the new changes. Well, I am forming a new habit which is for better. I am trying to work things out the way it should. Meanwhile, during our leadership meeting we are task to send out an email to our designated department regarding the topic about culture change, ownership and client engagement. Well, I am quite hesitant to do so but due to follow-ups I gave in. Ha-ha. Well, one of the things I’ve done on trying new things was joining the Boracay Pubcrawl and meeting new friends. Not my usual but yeah, I was glad that I did it. The experience was superb and worth reminiscing.

Boracay Pubcrawl with new friends

Now, I am gonna share with you guys what I have written to them. It is my first time though and I am just trying to be less serious and put some humor on it.

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Team –

Happy New Year! As a new ‘year’ comes I know most of us already planning (done with the Starbucks stickers!), starting over again and setting up new goals as we all wanted to have a balance life between work and personal. Looking back at 2014, it was a good one even though there were ups and downs but still we managed to achieve and met those challenges that we’re up to. Escalations and commendations, high and low surveys, backlogs, name it! We had it all and we’ve learned something from it, we rejoiced each and every moment of it, we shared pizzas over our victories. That was, indeed, a roller coaster ride – exciting and thrilling.

And today, as we started our work life for the year 2015, we are looking and aiming for the BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE we could ever give throughout the year. It may sound a bit absurd but that thing is feasible, we just have to be open-minded to adapt changes and have a more mature personality.

Culture Change
It is now time to get out of your comfort zone. Stop comparing yourself to others because each and every one of us has its unique skills and talents. Look for inspiration that will motivates you to go beyond the norms.  Seek guidance from your leads, friends and loved ones or perhaps find some “me-time” if you’re having a hard time to do so. Now is your time to stand-out. So, wake-up and be the “best” example among your peers. I assure you, you will go farther than what you have imagined. Change for the better.. err.. best! Always be the best version of yourself.

Step-up on giving updates – extra pushy on follow-ups, ownership and client engagement!
Now, we need to be aggressive on giving updates to the client. Take ownership. I know most us is not that confident because we don’t have any good news and updates to share with them but the thought of giving them time and make them feel that we are not ignoring them makes the best out of it. Yeah, giving updates even without update. A simple, “Hey, I’m calling you regarding your request with SR No…to give an update but apparently there is still no new update, our team is still working on it and figuring out what had happened. I just wanna let you know that your request is taken care by us and I’ll keep you posted every now and then.” will give a good impression to our client that they are important to us. Take to the higher level and develop client engagement. Starting is the crucial part but once you’ll get started you will keep doing it over and over again and little did you noticed, it is your habit already and an easy-peasy task!

That’s it for now! Always remember that everything can be done with a great teamwork.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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Have a great night ahead! Always be HAPPY!
Hugs & Kisses,
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