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Starbucks: Mango Cream Pie, Java Chip Frap and White Chocolate Mocha

P and I went to Greenhills last Saturday to watch FastFive. FastFive is such an epic movie, P and I really enjoyed the movie. After we have watched movie, we headed to Starbucks to chill for a while and as always have a good conversation. At that time, we have passed to taste other Happy Lemon's creations because I really wanted to try the 5-cheese turnover of Starbucks, unfortunately at 10:15PM no more 5-cheese turnover, sold-out already. Then, I saw this Mango Cream Pie, which I have not taste yet. Moreover, I must say that it was yummy, with mango tidbits at the middle of the pie. I loved it; P also liked it, too.

Mango Cream Pie

Java Chip Frap for P

White Chocolate Mocha for Me

Be Happy!

Till next time,


  1. I don't like starbucks, but that does sound lovely! Hmm mango!

  2. Hi Ben, thanks for visiting. =)
    Yeah, mango cream pie was yummy.


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