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Beijing’s Classic Snacks Aiwowo

I got the below sticky goodies from my friend and officemate who has been in Beijing, China to spend a vacation for 5 days I think. A lucky person and a certified viajera that already travelled most part of the Philippines, Asia and the world. 

These yummy sultry goodies were taste like a sticky rice cake or tikoy but with a twist. It has a different flavour as a spread at the centre of it that made me crave, look and ask for more. Ha-ha. Antakaw ko talaga! 

By the way, I’m back from hiatus because of my laziness. Maybe because March is my birthday month and I just wanted to be pampered. To be treated like a princess and all that surrounds me are my servants. But then, I am not that bratty to be bad to others. Before my entry ends here, i wanted to say to myself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a BLESSED LIFE for me. Thanks God for shedding the light of the right path of goodness, happiness and love.

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  1. I think I know this!! These are so fun to eat! LOL

  2. @ Michelle, yeah they are so fluffy! =)

    @ [pinkc00kies], parang tikoy na may palaman. =)


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